Simple Tips For Better Sound

I thought this might be helpful. I’ll start.
If wires must touch try to make them cross at 45 degree angles. Try to not run any wires Parallel to one another especially signal and power.
Once a year or so check the snugness of screws on speakers.


Relax, close your mind and float downstream.


When it’s hot listen with a cold one.

In winter darkness listen with a glass of red or a single malt.

Works for me :wink:


Use a tweezer to pluck out little hairs growing around and in your ears.


I could very happily come up with a few tips, however I’ve better refrain as they won’t be simple and a case of most people going: LALALA……:rofl: ATB Peter


Keeping it simple I’d say reduce reflective surfaces in the room like glass, wood floors and bare walls with heavy curtains, rugs and canvass art work for example.
Cable dressing costs nothing. Try to stop power and signal cables from touching and tighten up your FRAIM after first six months or so.


Level speakers. Tighten spikes.


This has been discussed before on other threads. Perhaps it might be needed once, a few months after initial assembly, but thereafter it shouldn’t be necessary. Whenever I’ve broken the system down for cleaning I’ve never found any Fraim leg to need tightening.


Does levelling speakers actually work? I have never bothered because I cannot see how it would make a difference (unless they are tottering at a 45 degree angle or something!)

Why 45?

It has worked for me.

I wrongly assumed the concrete floor beneath my carpet was flat, so wound each spike on the legs of stands all the way in. It was only later when I put a spirit level across the tops of the speakers that I realised how far out they were from level.

Having levelled the stands, the bass is far more articulate and the treble cleaner. Almost different speakers.

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Sadly mine currently sit on Orea bases so cannot try. Will get Gaias at some point though.

Dont ascribe too much value to

~ night and day difference
~ blanket lifted from over the speakers
~ made xxx sound broken

Lastly, listen for the music not the system. Not everything that sounds great is good music.

And listen with your eyes closed.
Not all the time, obviously. You’ll fall over!


My simple tips:

  • Don’t sit close to a back wall, unless the wall has sound absorbent/diffusing properties.
  • If floor is uncarpeted, do put a heavy rug between listening position and speakers (covering midpoint of line to each speaker if tweeter/midrange are around ear level).
  • Unless side walls are more than 3 metres or so further out than the speakers, do put something that will diffuse or absorb sound on each side wall at the point where a mirror flat on the wall would show you the tweeter/midrange unit. The closer they are the more significant it will be.

One I saw online but haven’t actually tried was to tighten off the bolts around the speaker drivers.

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But stevie, isn’t that exactly what we are trying to achieve by adhering to the rule book of system set up in all aspects there of to minimise time smear, cable interference and overall distortion this very much including room boundary interference? ATB Peter


Agreed Peter, but I was thinking more in terms of everyday listening not set-up which hopefully is only once in awhile (if it’s not, it’s tweaking, which can be an end in itself).


Actually being able to learn how to listen into the sound.
Sometimes somethings work out better making an effort, rather than having it served on a plate.

“With this upgrade, I am hearing things on very familiar recordings that I have never heard before”

Perhaps they could have listened more closely and saved a ton of cash. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Unplug and replug everything about once per year to clean all connections


In my experience basic understanding of the fundamentals and using decent audio gear was “simple” enough. Making the room sound good OTOH was quite hard, especially if your spouse/partner is not on board when things that sound right look wrong. Perhaps this is the wrong thread :wink:

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