Single Powerline - What should get it?

Should my Powerline be employed on my Naim 250DR or the power supply for my NAC 282?

I’ll listen myself of course and maybe buy another Powerline, (I have a Powerline Lite too) but in the meantime…

Put it on the power supply or test both a d decide

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I’m afraid thats probably a given. You will not be happy until it all matches up. Thankfully they often come up on eBay

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Took me about 2 years to have a full loom of second hand power lines.

Not obvious but when I had only one, it sounded best on my Power-supply. I personally thought it would be best on my SN3 but for my situation it didn’t. Best to keep an open mind and experiment a little.

I have been happy with one for more than a decade. More than one never sounded right.

Try it on the power supply first but there is synergy with a full loom. Many available used.

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Put it on the 250DR first. What’s the rest of your system?

Full loom is best. That means on all power supplies.

Burn it in on the 250 then try it around the system not forgetting the PSC.

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Years back everyone here said “on the pre” because it theoretically had an impact on multiple sources. Then we went through a period of “start with source”. Finally we got to “try it and see” which I think is the better position as these things are about your ears as much as anything.

FWIW I tried it on pre but only use 2 sources (TV and music) and it exposed one of them so I just moved it onto my then CDP (`CDX2./XPS2). It sounded “wrong” from the off. Put it on the power amp and it did everything right from the off. A year later, amid similar discussions on here, I went back and tried all 3 again just so I could be sure it wasn’t burn in or my ears not having adjusted to different changes. Exactly the same outcome.

Asked my dealer to remind me where they’d put it when I’d heard it on demo. Power amp.

Full loom is interesting. Same dealer brought 3 more down to put on HC DR 2; NAPSC and XPS2. We both agreed it didn’t sound right at all. Sound lost mod warmth and some high frequency stuff became very dry. The ambience of recording spaces was reduced a tad. He’d heard full loom elsewhere on multiple installs and thought they were a mixed bag to say the least.

As an alternative I was loaned an all Powerline Musicline Powerigel in place of my own standard one. It was better than full loom but still took something away from my 1 on a 200.

Like all alleged ugrades there is no “no brainer”. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Your ears and your money.

When we had 272/250 PowerLine was more beneficial on power amp.

We now have them on every box as they seemed to benefit every component.

All ours were used or ex demo (but boxed and like new) so we’ve not paid anywhere near RRP for any of them.

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When I got my first it finished up on the CD5x, despite the FC2x powering the analog circuits but it was soon joined by a second and more until Every Naim box had one including the PSC. Power came from a linear block and plug order had a noticeable but not blatant effect with 282/250 level, it’s rather more clear cut at 500 level but there’s no consensus, FWIW I like power amp last and grounding source first of the Naim boxes but I heard more body with the turntable ps at the front as long as it’s not a SMPS.
A powerline made enough of an improvement plugged directly into my Lenco for me to miss it when it was no longer spare (due to the return of my 555ps from Naim) so that’s another one I need, damn it!

Personal preference, either way you’ll be happy😎

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