Does anyone use the Sipgate VOIP service? If so can you recommend a VOIP adaptor that works well and not too complicated to set up?

I’m considering using its basic setup. A neighbour is very satisfied with it.

I find the service very good and easy to use - but my VOIP adaptor is an old Linksys that keeps cutting out recently, and I don’t think it’s made any more, so I need a replacement.

I’m with Gigaclear so not sure which bits of kit I need.
I expect a new handset and I hope I can listen to my messages on the computer rather than the phone.

I use Sipgate Basic with these Siemens Gigaset Dect Phones

They work well and now I have added a second line so I can have home and office numbers on the same phones with different ring tones

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Thanks, good to know they work well together but I really want a VOIP adaptor so I’l probably go with Cisco.

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