Sitting in the presence...!

Currently sitting in the Kudos room at the Chester show listening to the new Naim Kudos active crossover.

I have the feeling I am listening to something very special :sunglasses:


PB… a Naim active crossover? Just seen the announcement on Kudos FaceBook

I listened a couple of years ago at Audio show east to a 552/ active 300 vs a Nap500 with T808. They were both good, but i preferred the passive speakers with the 500 series amp.

That’s the one, I have just been listening to it :blush:

@Polarbear. Thanks! Exciting news indeed. Hearing your impressions would be most appreciated.

I will comment later when I have more time :blush:

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I loved it. My favourite sounds of the show - considerably better than the naim statement with monster focals (to my ears). But then I thought the 505s were the sound of the show last year, so maybe I just like kudos speakers

I am intrigued about the difference between active with 300s and a single 500

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Well quite simply one of the very best systems I have heard. Not just the extra detail and dynamics gained from reducing the noise floor by a few notches but the way the active Kudos portrays the music was simply irasitable.

There was a sense of realism that others just hint at but there in abundance. The tomes and notes, the little nuances. The way notes rise and decay with utter realism was just sublime.

Karen and I could have spent the entire day simply listening and enjoying whatever was played.


The 808?
Driven active with 300s or 500s?
Details please!

Driven actively with three 300’s.

Thanks and high praise indeed. I had idly wondered what existing Naim 500 series owners might aim for as an upgrade to their own systems. It looks like this Naim active Kudos combination may be the new standard. I also read on the Kudos website that their entire speaker range now had the option of being driven actively using Naim.

The other point to note. The 300drs were fresh out of the box and not run in. A stonking system that would/ will get even better…

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So Naim made an active crossover for Kudos speakers?
Surprised in view of association with Focal
I’m loving my Titan T 88s driven passively with 135s- can’t even imagine what active 808s sound like…drooling :stuck_out_tongue:

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$64 thousand dollar question - Is the snaxo FLOATY or not???


Did anyone ask the question yesterday?

Peter Swain posted on the Facebook naim forum thread (this morning I think) that it’s not floaty

I did not realise there was a Naim Facebook Forum… well never mind as I do not use Facebook anyway.



Well that is a turn up for the books. Last I heard, Naim had shelved the idea of making SNAXOs for Kudos Titan speakers, but I am delighted and nervous that they have changed their mind.

Nervous because I had my end game in sight - a Kudos/500DR passive system. Bu**er, yet more temptation being ‘actively’ put in front of us.

Well it does make commercial sense Nigel, what do you need to go active? More power amps, more Fraim and more cables!

@Gazza, I went to the same show and I would agree the passive 500DR just shaded the active (2 x) 300DRs, both options feeding a pair of Titan 700s. But I thought it a close competition.

A few weeks earlier however I listened to a passive 300DR vs active 2 x 250DRs into Titan 700s at the very good Audiobarn demo. Here the active option was a winner IMHO.

Interesting times.