Six box amplifier! A step too far?

Was just mulling over thoughts about my system and thinking about the merits of adding a 300DR when it occurred to me that I would then have a 6 box amplifier :flushed::flushed:
Although I know that the only way to determine if this is a good idea is to audition and let my ears decide the thought of an amplifier having 6 boxes is a challenge.

Then you start with a six box front end.

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It’s very simple. You get a 552 and it’s only four boxes, which seems more than reasonable.

Trouble with Tribbles!

Unless someone gifts me a chunk of cash that just isn’t happening :grinning:
A 252 might be within reach though…:wink:

Or swap two Hicaps (which seem pretty pointless) for one Supercap. That’s only five.

Conventional wisdom would suggest this but a home demo really didn’t demonstrate an improvement with a SC over 2 HC DRs.
I think the DR enhances the Hicap supply such that the power feed to the 282 via 2 snaics is equivalent whether from 2 Hicaps or 1 Supercap.

… and then add a phono stage with its separate power supply and voila! 6 boxes.

A better pre is the way to go imho. Either a 252 or a 552 should sound better than an extra 300. Only you can decide if 6 boxes for your amp is an issue.


I am not sure I like this talk of a 6box amplifier being excessive. Surely 8 is fine? :grimacing:


Tim: where did you get to with your 300DR issue in the end? Any update?



Very thoughtful of you to remember. I plucked up the courage to turn the system back on a couple of days ago and there has been no crackling at all.

I am a bit concerned that it might be the snaxo rather than a 300 that is causing the problem and so will get Pete out hopefully once lockdown is over to do a bit of analysis and see if anything needs to go back to the factory. It might be chance but it was the left channel last time and it sounds like the tweeter the crackle is coming through (or rather came through) as it was originally and that makes me wonder whether it is something other than (one of) the 300s. I will be monitoring things closely and switching it off again if it reappears. Without a recurrence I learn nothing from taking apart

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