Six box one rack stacking query

Apologies if this has been answered before but Having read through previous posts I can’t see an answer to my specific problem.

I have 300dr, 282, SC, NDX2 and a chord TT2 but only space for a single rack.

I intend to purchase a Atacama 60-40SE2 but in an effort to keep the height under their limit i cannot buy 6 shelves for the kit plus one on top for protection.

My plan therefore is to build as follows.
Base level- 300ps and SC,
Shelf 1 - 300 and 282.
Shelf 2 - Ndx2.
Shelf 3 - TT2.

My questions are:

  1. What minimum leg height and therefore space should I allow for the two ps boxes and do you think this is ok?
  2. Does shelf plan for 1,2,&3 make sense or any better suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

Do you mean that you are intending to have, say, the SC sitting ON the 300PS…? That is NOT recommended. One unit per shelf is preferred.

Thank you. I realise that hence the query. I am limited by the recommended height limit of the Atacama

In that case, get a different rack. It’s really important to give each box its own shelf, and in particular to give your preamp the space it needs. Why buy such a lovely system if you can’t set it up properly. Isoblue would work fine with that number of shelves. If you want the Atacama, can you accommodate two low stacks side by side. That’s the best way to do it when you have powered and unpowered boxes.

The Isoblue standard shelf height is 100mm compared to 125 mm or more of the Atacama.
Do you think 100mm gives sufficient space for each unit? I know they are a popular rack so I’m guessing the answer is a yes.

Yes, the 100mm is fine. The Atacama is really thick and clompy and a six level version with a top is going to be huge and not look good. Are two low racks an option for you? It really would be a better solution.

Apart from the stacking others have mentioned, I’d also try the 282 on the top level. I have my 252 on top with the NDX2 below it, and I found that to have a cleaner presentation than the other way around.

Did you ever compare a PS on the NDX2 rather than adding the TT2?

I did not. Just read others experience and also wanted headphone options. Seems to be the better option to my mind despite not demoing.
Bit daft perhaps!
Guessing you’re in that dilemma?

Many on here have Naim kit on Isoblue,… so… :thinking:

I have a 555PS on my NDX2 and a 250 DR on the 252. 5 levels on. Fraim Lite with a Rega TT on a crezenda next to it.

For headphones I use a Heed system (Canalot and Obselix PS). I was just interested that you run the NDX2 into a DAC, if it sounds great then wonderful :sunglasses:

I would be very careful using a NAP 300 on an Isoblue standard shelf. This would only give about half an inch of headroom. Just be careful there is good ventilation to the fans on the unit (as per the manual).

If necessary, that could be solved with a spacer to increase the height. I suspect 35mm would be adequate. Isoblue is very adaptable.


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That’s very useful Roger. I’m not familiar with Isoblue products, although I do think that they look very nice

They do until you use spacers.

Do you know WHY there is a six-shelf limit? Are they worried about tipping over (and hence would a tether solve that) or is it to do with strength? I’d have thought heavy boxes lower down might be part of the physical solution but wouldn’t venture an opinion on whether that works sonically.

The Atacama total height recommendation is 1255mm

This is my system @Bisleyboy on Atacama Evoque 60/40 SE

As you’ll see the top shelf is 110cm 43" off the ground so no issues with height

The Naim kit fits just fine but I did have to purchase the smallest height legs 160mm - the rack kits tend to have the longer leg lengths

My stacking order which I appreciate is not the best is from top to bottom NDX2, 252, 300PS, Supercap, 555PS, 300

As it happens I have just purchased a set of feet from Atacama so I can split the shelves into 3 and 3 to do the brain and brawn


Cheers Ian…
And you used 165 legs on all shelves?
Did you select the stacking order based on trail n error, recommendations, or aesthetics, or ??

Appreciate your reply.

Correct. I suspect you have to order direct from Atacama to get all the short leg shelves and yes there’s plenty of space for air circulation. In my personal opinion the se2 rack would be a good choice

I know my order is wrong but I had to keep the 300 on the bottom for the Phantom speakers cables to reach. Other than purely based on trying to allow the Burndys to run free so to speak

Wge soacers can spoil the look a bit, especially the larger ones, but the smallest 35mm spacers used on just the lowest one or two shelves are barely noticeable to my mind.