Sky and Unity Star

Apologies if this topic is already covered but new to the forum and cannot see anything from searches… Am considering upgrading my Uniti 2 to Uniti Star, partly to get AirPlay ability (and hope we get native Apple Music support at some point). But now having moved room I want to get my Sky Q sound output via the Naim to my PMCs and in synch with the picture via Naim to TV. Would optical feed to the Naim and HDMI feed to TV do it please?

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HDMI between your Sky Q box and TV and then an optical feed between TV and Star would probably be best. That way any latency within the TV should be minimised. Just be sure to set the sound output to 2 channel PCM Stereo as the DAC in the Star is 2 channel only and so cannot decode a multichannel bitstream signal.


Hello Simon, the point Richard is making about ensuring your TV output is to two channel cannot be overstated , it has cropped up on numerous occasions , where output on a TV, BLU RAY OR other device is set to 5.1 and cannot be received by the two channel Star

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Understood, thank you.

Thanks Ian.

PS I’ve done it myself and left wondering why my super duper blu ray player ain’t working

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