Sky Arts series: The Art of Drumming

Quick plug for this series. Quite fascinating watching and highly recommended. It’s a talking heads type documentary, but all of the heads are drummers, mosty seated at their drum kits and illustrating what they are discussing with performance. It’s far from a comprehensive treatise with many important drummers and styles left undiscussed, but there’s plenty enough to get the juices flowing and very nicely filmed. Recommended!


I really enjoyed the series, despite the omissions, as you say.

Mitch Mitchell was the first drummer who got me interested in playing when I was 8 or 9, but it was Buddy Rich who really blew my mind, doing things with a single stick on the underside of a hi-hat that defied everything I thought was possible.

Great to have an unapologetically drummers-only series. Worth watching.

Thanks for the heads up. Downloading now.

Another thumbs up from me - I learnt a lot, and it has helped me recognise both good and bad drumming at gigs since I watched it!

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