SL2 crossovers

Wilmslow Audio Ltd said they do when I asked them a few months ago.

…these DBL x/o use the highly modified schematic that a little bird gave him :wink:

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System in profile :slight_smile:

Active IBLs go to 11pm on the volume control :slight_smile:


Now that is dedication to cable dressing with the door modification !


Slight problem, my IBLs have a distortion on certain piano sounds on the right speaker. Everything else is fine. It’s not the crossover as they are active. I do have a spare set of drivers. Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong?

Back to the SL2 in the meantime (and I have sourced another pair of IBL via @Puddlesplasher)

The torture continues behind the door!


Fair play - that’s quite a cupboard :sunglasses:


Very impressive, I was going to suggest the Ndac to you for digital streaming/serving but I see you already have one.

I just missed out on a Mana turntable wall shelf and table just like yours.

Excellent! Not even room for Harry Potter!

Dev, try swapping the IBLs over. If the piano distortion moves to the left speaker then it sounds like the mid/bass driver may be at issue. Try very gently pressing on the cone with your fingers splayed out in a circle. Do you hear any rubbing or crunching sounds? If so, then they are definitely toast. But even if not, there could still be a problem. Replacement is the only option here.

Yes, there is a crunching sound @Richard.Dane. Time to fit the new drivers!

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An old trick, particularly with larger mid/bass or bass drivers that had a similar problem, was to re-position the drive unit 180 degrees - i.e. turn it upside down - and leave it a few days to settle. Sometimes, it would cure any rubbing of the coil, but it was never a permanent solution, and wouldn’t miraculously fix a drive unit where the coil has been damaged.