SL2 Dust Covers Removed

For the first time I removed the dust covers off for a listening session, I know crazy I’ve had them for a few years now. I was told the designed was to listen with them on. Well I’ll respectfully disagree…now, particularly when The Cramps are cranked! It could be the tweeters are getting tired or the dust covers need replacing
Or it’s just better, just more clarity.
Any thoughts from the SL2 Community.

How old are they? I found that with my old grilles the area just in front of the tweeters was going a combination of slightly crumbly and also sticky right in front of the tweeters, and the open cell foam was a little less “open” and this was having an effect on the sound. Replacing with a new set from Tom Tom Audio fixed that.


Hi Richard, about 13 years old I guess. Yes they are slight crumbly not really sticky as such more kinda hard/dry. Tom Tom won’t deliver Naim bits to New Zealand last time I inquired. A while back I tried to get the spaces and pips off them as the local agent at the time wanted $60 NZ a corner!!! Unfortunately Tom Tom wouldn’t help me at all. I think the dust covers are around £220 all up then import tax @15% really does cut into my Lp buying money. Knowing you are correct (thank you) I’ll start writing an email, then I’ll start planting the seed in my wife’s brain which is a challenge I can assure you :neutral_face:
I do love my SL2 so it will be worth. Off to battle.

The grilles are Tom Tom’s own - done exactly to Naim spec - so there’s no fear of treading on the local distributor’s toes. They’re well worth it if you want your SL2s kept perfect.

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Indeed I do, I have the tweeters covered it’s only right to do the dust covers now that I know the age can affect there transparency. I hope JimDog doesn’t see this as may put him in hospital! Just joking :grin:

I’d say grilles definitely need replacing. I’m surprised Tom Tom proved difficult. They are terrific Naim dealers. The grilles can also be sourced on Ebay, but I don’t think those are quite original spec, whereas Tom Tom’s are. Two other things come to mind… after that amount of time, the foam in the upper cabinets will be shot. There’s a whole thread on replacing it, and I found it makes an enormous difference. Secondly, the tiny pips that separate the two boxes can flatten out after a long time and then need replacing. Both of these are easy jobs, and will keep these marvellous speakers going for years.

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Cheers, yes I have all other things covered. I’m in New Zealand, at one stage I could buy Naim bits from Tom Tom (Naim chips, fuses, cups and balls etc) a few years back something must of happen as they seem to change there website and stopped selling to NZ. I ended up sourcing pips and washes using a UK mate, got me 8 years worth! I change them out on my yearly holidays. The 25 mm 80ppi top Box foam is still mint and I have a set of Naim matched tweeters to install, just need to get a round to it. :metal:
The reason why I have used Tom Tom for these bits and bobs was because the pricing here was stupid to say the least, mind you most things in this country are ridiculously overpriced. Not the land of milk and honey anymore that’s for sure.

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