SL2 owners - What crossovers have you used?

I had occasional hum from either the SuperCap2 or 300 PSU. Couldn’t work out which one it was but both long gone. The DR 500 kit that replaced them has been silent along with the old NAP200 and NAP 145 amps.

My 500dr and 552dr still hum and sometimes loudly, certainly not quite like my other gear, that you can put your ear on and still nothing

It’s simple to make silent amps.

Even Bluesound can do that.

Naim’s approach is to maximise SQ before all other considerations.

That’s why they are such a unique and excellent hifi manufacturer.

There are certainly many ways to do it these days, naim has there way, others have their way.
But there is no getting away from saying, that they are noisy and the more you have the more noisy it can be, but it is strange that one day they can be more noisy than another.
Just need to use it so you can’t hear it

I have a little transformer hum occasionally from my serviced Supercap2.

A time of day thing, so probably due to mains pollution.

It doesn’t bother me in the least.

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All my power supplies are also silent

Did you use passive crossovers with your SL2s, Mike?

Yes. No space for 2x500 (4 boxes) and a passive 500 sounded better than active with 250s (2 boxes same as 500, though the head unit of the latter is obviously bigger).

That said, active made a massive difference. It was very obvious even from outside the listening room.

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