SL2 Spacer / Washer Thickness?

As the title says, does anyone know the thickness of the SL2 spacers washers (including the tiny nodules)
On mine the tiny nodules have worn away :frowning:

Are Naim unable to supply replacements? I would definitely try to stick to the correct parts as the spacers are very much a part of the overall design. IIRC the nodules on some batches are flattened on the top - be sure you’re not mistaking that for being worn.

I’ve tried Naim - no longer available :frowning:

The speakers I’ve acquired came with 2 unused ones - these have definite bumps on them. The ones that were installed feel completely flattened

Try Tom Tom

+1 for Tomtom. They have what I think you’re after. Happy new speakers! :sunglasses:

@Michaelb Thanks - they’re not showing them on their website, but a quick phonecall - all sorted :slight_smile:


That’s great news. Well done James!


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