SL2 to S600

i’ve only herd the S600 speakers one time and was impressed, i may of compared them to the S400 at the time though it was a while back.

Comparing apples with apples would the S600 be an upgrade over the SL2? Nap 500 powering them btw

Much will come down to personal preference.

For me, I would have SL2s over S600s, but in a different scenario, perhaps where no solid wall was in place, the S600s might be the better option.


Richard I can’t let your comments go unchallenged - sort of!
Late SBL’s were replaced by S600s which JG kindly took active shortly after they arrived.
MR persuaded that I would be wise to add the third NAP300DR, which as you likely know, was the source of their voicing.
Anytime you venture towards the centre of England, from the garden of England, you would be very welcome to take a listen - with a little notice I will ship offsite my various tape machines, so you have no diversions! You may need a little reminder of how S600s excel!
I had my SBLs in half in front of fireplace and half at the edge of windows, I got away with a great sound - never, with all the help from MR, worked out why one of the SBL tweeters were prone to failing - no frustration, just great Naim support for oow items!
I guess I should admit that I have just added a third pair of S400s as well - 606s on demo just didn’t work in the designated room, but that’s another issue!


As I say, much will depend on personal preference. I’ve heard s600s in a number of occasions, and while they are obviously a very good speaker, given the choice, I would keep my SL2s. Others may well choose the opposite, and I would not argue with their preference.


I think worth saying that whereas the SL2 is a development of the SBL the S Series were a new design and maybe need to be seen as a very different loudspeaker rather than automatically an update.

More like apples v pears perhaps?

I should say I haven’t heard any of the S series. I do have SL2s.



Ovators are really different to SBL/SL2.
When I had a listen at the very first S600 back then, I was disappointed.
Really didn’t like them(coming from SBL).

I’ve heard they manage to cure the issues later on, I never managed to hear S600 any further.
By coincidence I came by a pair S400 which is a stunning loudspeaker ime.
Far better than S600 I’ve heard, clearly they addressed the issues whatever they were.
In fact I don’t really understand why that BMR speaker unit isn’t used much around anymore, it seems as Rega only are probably working with it ?

Not many SL2 around in my neighborhood - I had SBL and they’re a steal if working order and setup correctly.

S400 sounded dull and boxy to me, not to mention the bmr driver seems to give up and pop out. the 2 people i knew that had them had this happen, both were naim dealers! anyway after hearing the S600 only the once i was impressed, sounded way more detailed and seem to light up like the Sl2 do. as Richard says room position , I’m with you even though I can get a pair of S600 supercheap right now, ike anything you gotta be careful what you wish for.

I find that in my workplace to tell the truth……

One of the comments i heard was that the range failed because they were often demoed in small rooms. They sounded decent enough in my dealers medium size room, but they really came alive in my larger room……20 feet by 18 feet. I also use a 500 dr amp. I don’t think Naim have spare bmr drivers, so beware.

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Having had active S600, all i will say is they need lot’s off room to even begin to sound right.
If you can’t give then this then i would say don’t even go down that road as its a painful one.

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In my small_ish room i actually prefer S 600 than SL2 i had right before

FWIW - The S600 is the most temperamental ‘speaker I ever owned. With a 252/300/CD3/555PS I could extract no substantial bass, and what was there was weirdly out on a limb, as if playing separately. I noticed they did have the additional foam buffer, obviously to try and fix some recognised issue.

No amount of placement fettling got them to integrate and drive the room. I’m guessing the 300 passive wasn’t enough to wake them up. I was an early adopter too, so possibly inconsistencies in the production run hadn’t been sorted…who knows.


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Following on from Graeme’s comments , I also had an early pair ,actually the dealer demo pair that they could not sell. I couldn’t get on with them ,I just couldn’t get them to produce the e letter when sung in a song ,more like ,eek yikes thats nasty…But many years later I took a punt on a last of production pair and went active with 3 250.2 . And all I can say if them is I do miss many of the qualities I managed to extract from them ,they were singing by the time I moved on from them . They just had to be into the room which became the problem for me . And worry if that BMR goes I’m suckered .


Pilhamonic Audio ((USA firm) are using BMR as a midrange driver.

Ear of the beholder and all that. Neither would be on my shortlist but I have heard SL2 on several occasions and in several locations. In the majority of instances they sang.

I’ve heard S400 at home, S600 and S800. None impressed. They always struck me as needing more power, but maybe they just couldn’t sing in the surroundings I heard them in.

PRaT is one thing my setup delivers in spades - 552DR/250DR/DAVE into SL2s perfect balance for the room, plenty of drive and energy the system sounds alive!

SL2s are hard to beat, fit perfectly into most UK living rooms, deliver astonishing speed and accuracy. After hearing the 400s and 600s at the dealers many years ago I wouldn’t even consider moving from the SL2s.