SL2 tune up

Just did my yearly tune up to my 08 lovely’s though was about 18 months since last time.
New pips and spacers, re-torqued all necessary bolts to 3.6 Nm, just backed them off a little then back to perfection, opposite corners one at a time, lovely. Made sure level with very very slight bios to the front, lovely. 1.2 Nm on the tweeter surround starting to smile deliriously, lovely. Cracked a cold one powered up the big Olive system. Minty mint first pressing $$$ pressing New Order substance 1987 seriously spotless gift from God. Aro Lyra lp12 prefix Armageddon Chris Murphy serviced Nac 52/135 on a lot of mana acoustics. Just lovely.
Pig in mud oink oink :pig:


I really should check mine. It’s been a couple of years

Where did you get your new New pips and spacers?

TomTom sell them

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Have they changed over the years. Can someone post a picture please

I have never changed mine

I don’t think they changed during production?

With time, and especially if dismantled or moved the little spacers flatten out. I changed mine a while ago and can’t say they sounded much different but since I was ‘servicing’ them it seemed worthwhile


Thanks Bruce

Bottom end has a bit more of a bounce to it with a tighter sound, more bottom end delivery in your chest :grimacing: particularly at volume. Mids are always great fun and clear as a bell, im sure a slight difference if you hear for it. As with the spacers and pips re-torque is also recommended and has benefits if they have moved over time which they can do surprisingly how much not sure why. Possibly heat expansion or vibration??
Id suggest it’s up with your yearly cable dressing maintenance. Not an expensive process plus peace of mind you are still getting the best out of your Sl2 speakers🤘
Just be sure to use a quality torque wrench.

The reason the bolts lose tension is due to captive nuts in the cabinets (muck metal) are stretching and the thread eventually parts company with the flange which by this time is quite concave -never did go over 3.6 Nm either.

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Hey thanks for that. I’ve noticed over the years they seem to be more settled to the point they no longer seem to move compared to when I first got them. Guessing the 2 previous owners possibly never dressed them.

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