SL2 Vs kudos super 20a

Let’s just say both sets are in excellent condition. Will be running on a fully Naim service 52/135 system.
I must say the sl2 do a very very job. How about the kudos?

Thoughts gentle people.

If you have a good solid wall, brick or stone, the SL2s should win over easy.

If you don’t have a good solid ‘boundary speaker’ wall, but have a room large enough for placement the S20a will be a lot easier to plonk and play, and then probably will sound better than compromised SL2s.

Home demo, and let the room decide : )


Thanks Debs, have the sl2 set up “by the hand of god” and love them to bits. Not wanting to break forum rules. But around £1700
2.5 years old no reserve, I’m sure they will move up but if not why

Haven’t listened to those Kudos speakers - but I do have SL2s (on solid floor and backed up to a wall). I haven’t found anyone who thought anything there in the Kudos range was worth swapping to. Received wisdom seems to be that replacing SL2s would require 606s or 707s. However I haven’t done any direct comparisons myself

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When I bought my SL2s from Cymbiosis, four years ago, they told me that their former owner had changed them for S20s. I was a bit surprised by that.

Fellow Forum member @trickydickie has the S20s and they sound very nice, though to me they are a bit on the bright and impressive side rather than the pure musical enjoyment side, if that makes sense.


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