SL2s compared with Ovator 400s

Quick question, if there’s anybody out there who’s lived with both. What are the differences, and do the Ovators represent a step forward on the SL2s?

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Very different beasts. Different design concepts, different positioning etc.

Comparing them is not like SBL to SL2 where you could think of one as a development of the other.

I say this not having owned Ovators although I had a reasonable listen to some in a very good system. I’d suggest that you cannot think of SL2 and Ovator really being related, and if you like one you are not guaranteed to like the other whether ‘better’ or not. I did not much like the ones I heard.

Others who have owned both will surely be along soon with more detailed comparisons.




*unless you have a house/room where SL2s just don’t work as intended.

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Are you thinking of changing your SL2s? Am I right in thinking you have SL2s driven actively by 500s?

I’ve not heard Ovator 400 other than in the dealer and they sounded distinctly ordinary compared to what my SL2s do - admittedly in my room.

Thanks, ever reliable Richard and others. No, not considering changing SL2s. I love what the SBLs and SL2s do, but I have a second system in a second property, I’d seen a pair of Ovators at a good price, and I just wondered how they compared, if any forum members had owned both.

In most areas i don’t think so, it would be more fair to compare SL2 with S600 i did this change five yers ago on my main system, also have S400 in a second system, recently we saw incredible bargains on 2nd hand market


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Just could never get on with s400 speakers. S600 completely different beast.

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