Slow searching on Uniti Core query

Apologies if this has been covered before - I have searched but found nothing on this. I bought a Core 2nd hand but only 3 months old recently. I then imported my music from a UnitiServe. There is about 1.22TB music files now on the Core. The music is there and sounds fine but when I search by eg artist it can take several minutes to get a list up. I wondered if this was because the database was taking time to populate but after a week I tried resetting the database which has made no difference. Any suggestions?
PS I don’t want to go down the Roon route - surely a Core should work a search in a couple of seconds?

I haven’t heard of this problem before. Did you (or the dealer) do a factory reset of the Core when you got it?



No, no factory reset done. I just added my music to what was already there.

Thanks for replying btw!

No problem! I think you might want to try a factory reset. It doesn’t affect anything on the internal hard disc at all.

You do it by putting the Core to sleep by pressing the standby button for 5 secs or so. Then take the mains power off completely. Then restore the mains power while holding in the front panel button, keeping it pressed in until the light by the front panel USB socket flashes, then take your finger off the button and let the Core finish starting up. You will have to go into setup and define the music store (where the Core stores it’s rips) and any music shares again. The Core should say that it found a music store and ask if you want to use it (or make it active or some such wording). You say yes obvs. Don’t agree to format the internal drive, also obvs.

The Core will then reindex the music which will take a while, say up to an hour for the amount you have. You can see where this has got to in the album listing by going all the way to the bottom where it will tell you the number of albums indexed so far. You could check the number before you start…



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Thank you for the idea. I successfully did the reset. The first search I do takes about 30 seconds second a minute or so and then takes forever even doing a previous search. The app has crashed several times and reports sent to name. Any other ideas welcome as I’m stuck.

Morning the problem seems to be caused by artist searches. If I do eg genre it works fine but won’t work so well after an artist search!

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