Small office stand mounted speaker -must be close to wall

I have a new small office space 12 ft. x 12 ft. and would like some speaker recommendations. They need to be flat against wall or 2-3 inches at most.I will power with atom or nova (prolly nova) to start and if I like office space I may upgrade to to sep. amp and dac. etc. Price target is 5000.00 US for speakers, Up or down in price is fine as well. Thanks in advance and cheers.

One idea is abandon stands and wall mount - PMC and ATC both do purpose designed wall mounting speakers - but I have no idea what they’re like. Easily found on their respective websites/

Small? You call that small? My sitting room is 12’ by 15’. ProAc Tablette 10 Signature is what you want.

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My room is 7 ft x 8 ft and I’m using ProAc Tab 10 Signature. Speakers on desktop. I’m perfectly happy with it.

Neat Iotas

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At a tenth of the budget:
I bought a pair of Sound Artist LS3/5a. Now these Chinese speakers are NOT LS3/5a, but they are excellent for the money and work very well on my desk powered by a NAP140.

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I have a similar size of space and use ATC scm7s. They work well for me right up against the wall. Although they have a reputation for being power hungry I run them with a Nait 5si and drives them fine. I’m sure it would make a good combination with either the atom or nova unless you are after crazy levels

Small US rooms are considered middle to large by Europe measurement.

I would never spend that kind of loudspeaker money (budget) unheard.
You should be in a position - buying a Nova, to ask for speakers - home loan.

As do Totem , which may be cheaper being in NAFTA

Mike S is a great fan of Totem and I get the impression he is a knowledgeable contributor on this forum.

Depending on what is meant by"small " and the musical tastes I have a 10 by 18 living room and I use Harbeth P3 ESR, I think the Nova will run them but not the Atom .

Ophidian seem to make speakers aimed at this market - but that is a lot of money for bookshelf speakers

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I don’t think Ophidian is more expensive than Proac and certainly cheaper than Harbeths.

Seconded on neat iotas. I’ve just swapped Iotas and motive SX3s between my UQ and main system and the Iotas were amazing in the main system, imaging in particular.

…“must be close to wall” may not entirely suit the Iotas but they are supposed to be flexible wrt positioning. Worth a listen anyway :slight_smile:

Not only does wall mounting suit the Iotas, but they come ready to attach to standard wall brackets. They work very well that way on the end of an Atom in my really small office. My concern would be whether Iotas might be a bit lost in a 12ft square room. Perhaps something higher up the Neat range would be worth a look, particularly driven by a Nova.


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Thanks for all the thoughts !!! I am researching each night. Cheers.

My study (and listening room) is 13 x 8 ft. I use Naim n-Sats on their own n-brackets with my 552/300. Excellent results, even though the they are actually in the corners of the 8ft wall.

I will admit that I sometimes wish I hadn’t let SWMBO banish my system from the listening room (I miss my Active SBLs!). Perhaps I’m just a wimp …

ProAc Tablette Signatures, closed box designed to be close to the wall or anywhere really. Sound fantastic and look great too. Have more bass than a speaker of this size should but without dominating, fantastic mid range that make vocals just so clear and centred lovely treble and the time so damned well.
IMO Best speaker I tested overall under 2k. Compared with Neat Iota Alphas, Neat SX3, normal ProAc Tablette 10, Spender A1 and Dali Rubicon’s.

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