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I’m returning to Naim after a long time away having used studio monitors in a home setting. I’m currently looking at a Nova all-in-one solution or the NDX2 and Supernait 3. I know there is a large price difference and probably a big sonic difference. I’ve yet to demo either combination.

My question is which speakers would you suggest I listen to? My room is quite small at 3m wide and 4m long. The speakers will need to be on the smaller back wall and they need to be close to the wall. At the most 30cm away from the wall.

My listening distance is about 2m away, so what is probably classed as nearfield.

My budget is up to £4k, and I’m happy for them to be standmount or floor standers.


Harbeth P3ESR (need some room, but should work 30cm from the front wall)
ProAc Tablette 10
Neat Iota Alpha

I am sure there are a few others but these are all good with the electronics you are considering.

If your listening position is 2m away you should get these recommended 50cm distance from the sidewalls also.

Used IBL or Kan

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Any of the Spendor S3/5 iterations or the new S4/5 should work well. I run S3/5Rs which are great.

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I would add Falcon ls3/5a gold badge for near-field listening in the list.


Welcome Monty

I’m a Neat speaker fan and they go well with the Naim gear you mention

Try the smaller ones - neat motive sx3 or the newer model Neat Ministra’s - I prefer the Ministra’s

As someone mentioned the Neat Alphas are great also

Just my thoughts


Another vote for the Spendor 4/5s. I have a pair and love them.

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I use ProAc Tablette 10 Signatures in my 4.5m by 3.6m room, with NDX2 and SN3 and they sound excellent, placed about 8cm from the wall.


A vote here for a pair of Naim n-SATs with their dedicated stands (they do pop up on the ‘Bay every now and then). Really, really worth hunting down.


Agree with Stephen here - I adore my Naim nSATs and will never part with them

An absolute bargain if you can find a pair , need to be patient though

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I run Spendor 3/5, ND5 XS2, 5si

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Dynaudio evoke 10…

Sat here listening about 2m from my Neat Motive SX3s and do not disagree. Nothing else to compare them to apart from the Iotas (straight Iotas, not the Iota Alpha) I also have, which sound good, just not as good as the SX3s.

Clearly a decision has to depend on the character of the speakers, all being very different…

if you feel smaller speakers are the only way, ATC and PMC make some - and in both cases they make speakers specifically intended for wall mounting if tgat is of interest. I can’t recommend any as I haven’t listened to them - and in any case my taste may be different from yours. Personally I find transmission line bass better than other approaches, while ATC’s speakers are renowned for their transparency and midrange quality (though models below the SCM40 combine midrange with bass driver).

Hi @MontyW

I have Wilmslow Audio LS3 with my Naim Atom in my office which is 3M by 2M.
Wilmslow offer a vast range of loudspeaker designs. They come in kit form, so if you are good with your hands you can build them yourself; if not you can buy them fully built, this what I did.
They have auditioning facilities so you can take your kit along and listen to a selection. They are based in Leicestershire.
My other suggestion would be something from Graham Audio. I have their LS5/9 on my main Naim system in my lounge.

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