Smart Sockets and Main's SQ

All - i do not have a dedicated spur the joys of urbanized living.

I use a TP Smart 3 way socket to control a few devices, but now looking for a neater solution and found Alexa integration to standard UK sockets.

I do not intend using this socket for the HIFI, but i recall various WIFI Powerline boosters mentions about them being bad for SQ.

Just wondering if this style would also be detrimental to SQ (mains pollution)?


It just looks like a wireless smart socket - no Powerline Networking so that’s good. It’ll just be the same as putting a cheap SMPS onto the mains. Hard to avoid these days.

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Thanks @james_n that what i could not remember the SMPS.

I like to avoid potentially noisy SMPSs wherever possible, and I’ve generally found the noisiest to be ones that are miniaturised to fit into tight spaces. Having said that, the fact the a device emits EMI doesn’t necessarily mean that it gets into sensitive devices such as HiFi and pollutes them.
Still, if I bought one, I would be giving it the AM radio test just to see what sort of noise it was churning out.

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Based on my experience, the quality of wall socket matters. There is a difference in sound quality between different grade or type of sockets or receptacles. If you are able to accommodate a pair of outlets you can then compare between the smart socket that’s posted above, and another type such as the one below. I strongly believe there would be a difference.

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