SME 3009 bearing play.

Hello everybody:

I’ve just purchased a SME 3009 II improved/non detachable tonearm. It looks great and the seller transmit confidence but it has some play on main bearing. Not up and down (as must be), but front and back. Seller has told me that’s the way these tonearms work, but … that’s really strange to me.

I still have to test it (I don’t know yet how it sounds) but I would prefer to be completely sure that everything is right.

Thanks to all.

The 3009 used knife edge bearings so a little bit of looseness or “play” is to be expected is you try to manipulate the armwand outside of the usual up down pivot. The Series II improved with fixed head shell is my least favourite though as this used a plastic/nylon bearing and it not only sounded a bit “meh” compared to the earlier bearing but also could wear or be damaged more readily, so a proper inspection is advisable here. The 3009 II Improved fixed head shell is really only suitable for high to very high compliance cartridges, of the sort that were once fashionable around the mid to late '70s but now much less so.


I think that that equates to a thumbs down gesture from Mr Dane.

That said, those early SME tonearms always looked the dogs’ doohdahs to me when I was growing up.


It might be an idea to get the tonearm serviced. I can highly recommend Audio Origami. They will rebuild your tonearm and ship it back at reasonable costs.

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