SN2 and StageLine or SuperLine, How to get started?

Just starting in the world of Naim. I have my SN2 and would like to enter into the world of vinyl.

What do I need and what should I be thinking about?

For a modest level system what would be some appropriate turntables and cartridges to consider?

Looking forward to putting my old recordings to work, I’ve always taken care of them and now years later those recordings from the 70s will come alive!

Not sure superline and modest quite go together but it will set you up for future upgrades. You’d need a low output MC cartridge, up to 0.5nV output, preferably a bit lower. A Rega P8 and Apheta 3 would be a good start with a superline if you want minimal set up difficulty. That would take the best part of £5000 if all bought new, a bit more than modest in my book but it might see you through. Dropping down to a p6 with an Ania would cut £1.5k off that but probably wouldn’t be a final deck.
The Regas keep things simple but there’s a whole world beyond.

If that’s not modest enough then the superline drops from the reckoning, a moving magnate cartridge and a stageline N, if still available, would suit a more modest deck, say a Rega p3. Cartridge choice, and keeping it modest, I’d probably take an Audio Technica VM95E but I’ve not actually tried one with a p3.
I’d have a Rega rather than a Project but it’s best to audition a few options.

Hmmm. I could see evolving to what you describe at some stage but for the time being
I am definitely thinking more ‘entry level’, in other words less money : )

Is there a way I could get into this with decent sounding gear that won’t break the bank?

A Rega RP8 with an Apheta 2 MC cartridge and a Rega Aria phono stage is excellent and good value for money. You can pick up a pre loved RP8 for about £1300-£1500 from a dealer or less from the usual second hand sites and the Aria is about £800 new or £5-600 used. You’d need an interconnect from the Aria to the Supernait and a Rega Couple 2 does the job fine and is about £140 new. So, all in you can have a top quality TT that will last you a good while for around £2k depending on how you choose to buy.

If you want entry level then go for the Rega P1 Plus with built in phono stage which is £300 odd but I suspect you’ll be buying again before too long.


DaveEngland I’d likely go with a Rega Planar 3, in my book of reasonable, although you make a
good case for the RP 8, 2MC Cart and Rega Aria phono stage.

After going for the SN2 I’m in it to hear the music. Thanks for good recommendations.

Yeti & Dave how about the Rega Fono MM MK3 with a Rega P3 (w/ Elys2). ?

I have Rega P3 and Elys 2 for occasional vinyl listening and it’s very nice. Plays through a Trichord Dino mk1 phono stage.
Vinyl is very much a secondary source for me so much as I’d love something like a Michell Orbe set up, I can’t justify the cost. The rig above does me very well.

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A Planar 6 with an Ania and a Rega Fono MC would be the sweet spot I reckon, giving you a big taste of the higher end of vinyl but still at a modest cost. That could last you a fair while until any upgrade bug bites.


Where in the world ate you? It might affect the relevance of some of the advice you get here. Rega in the UK with their has been the starting point for a serious turntable, there was a Planar 3 back in 1980 when I bought my first turntable, except at the time I couldn’t stretch to one and bought a Japanese direct drive deck from Micro Seiki (DD24s) and a Nagoka MP5 cartridge. When I could afford to replace this I skipped the Planar 3 and went for the next level up which at the time in the UK was covered by the likes of Linn Axis, Dunlop Systemdeck, Michell syncro and Manticore Mantra, I bought the latter with a Rega 300 arm but still ran it into a Sansui integrated, though I’d made the jump to MC with a Goldring Eroica L so I needed a step up transformer. At this point I was a bit beyond my knowledge, the Manticore sounded excellent to me but could have sounded better if I’d known what I was doing. The next step up was a Linn LP12 Sondek. This required expert set up with special tools to sound its best or even to beat the Mantra but it had just had challengers from Michell, Townshend and Roksan, the hifi press appeared split on the matter. The Linn is still going and has split into a bewildering array of options, many with eye watering pricetags and Michell and Roksan still have similar models, Townshend is a bit on off with variable QC.

The current planar 3 from Rega is a safe bet that requires minimal setup but does like a light, rigid and level support. A wall shelf designed for the purpose is good but only if you have solid walls, the worst is a sideboard or heavy wooden cupboard, what have you at present? Rega’s entry level phono stage and an entertaining cartridge like the AT I mentioned will finish the job.
The Technics decks have a bit of a following too. I’ve only heard their top model and wasn’t impressed but then it wasn’t in standard trim having an SME V arm, a device I’ve always found to look better than it sounds.

Thanks. Will certainly consider that path as well.

Just last week I bought a new turntable to replace my Planar 1 plus. It’s a Planar 6 with Ania, Fono MC and Rega Couple 2 leads to connect to my 272, just like Richard suggested above. It is absolutely brilliant and incredible value for the performance you get. I was also thinking about an RP8 with Exact, for a similar sum. The dealer told me in no uncertain terms that the P6/Ania is much better, so that’s what I got. It looks really nice with its smoked lid and the matt black finish.

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HH, That does look fantastic. Love the refined matte black w/ red, gorgeous.
I trust sonically it would be the best solution. It might be my next upgrade though,
will have to see what I can manage. Thanks for the feedback.

At first for me the vinyl use will be occasional. My concern for going the route with the Ania cartridge
et al, aside from the initial investment is the addiction to vinyl I’m opening myself to!

Hi-Res streaming and a great archive of cds can be pretty satisfying. I can see how the next level is appealing but finding the sweet spot is my mission for the time being.
Sweet spot includes the investment in media : )

That said I appreciate the advice. I’m learning a lot here from you folks. Thank you.

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My eyes are starting to open…I may end up going the P6/Ania route after all : )

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depends on your record collection and your willingness to add to it
if you only have a few old LPs then get a cheap decent table for the occasional spin

i only upgraded my table for every 500 or so records i got, good records are hard to come by
and not cheap

There is a big step between rega p6 and Rp8. Second hand or ex demo Rp8 can be found for 1k today.
Rp8/ Apheta 2 is clearly better than P6/Ania , for similar money. My dealer have done the test.

Rp8 / Apheta 2.

Well this has been edifying. Based on my lifestyle/workstyle I have decided that high-end mofi cds
and lossless streaming will work best for at this time.

At some stage I may get into the vinyl experience, The Rega 6 likely. The biggest impediment for me is that I have no vinyl media and yet have a robust cd collect and access to Tidal & Qobuz lossless.
Streaming has come a long way.

Thank you all for your excellent advice.

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