SN2 benefits of adding a HCDR

Hey all. Just got the SN2 and what a huge upgrade from my Rogue Cronus Magnum III. Now the question. Is the upgrade to the HCDR really noticeable ie. bang for your buck. What am I likely to hear as improvements?

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Nope I put a hicap dr on. My supernait 2 and :heart:it more oomph dynamics just made it better a d it was as u say… Already sounded awsum… Doit n enjoy

Congratulations, the SN2 is a great piece of kit. Views on the HiCap vary, you probably need to try it yourself. I have one and it added more cohesion and refinement in my system.

If you have power hungry speakers like I did, then yes, HCDR greatly improves SN2. Especially its ability to control the sound improves. With easier to drive speakers, some people even prefer the bare SN2.


I’m running Spendor D7’s and prefer my music at higher volumes sometimes. Don’t know how to tell if those speakers are considered “hard to drive”

I found it a great addition to my SN2, took a while to bed in, but well happy with it. As @Mike_S mentioned, more refinement and generally just sounds cleaner.

My own view is that in naim systems HiCaps always do good, however if you have only just got your SN2 then it will get better over the first few weeks and beyond so wait before adding to it.

Jim, as mentioned above, I would wait a few months and let the SN2 settle in with your D7’s and get accustomed to the sound. Then give the HiCap DR a home demonstration, hopefully you have a dealer that can provide one. At that point in time I believe you would be able to determine which sound signature you enjoy the most.

On the old forum as well as here you can use the search function to find threads that discuss integrated amps and power supplies. Some members prefer them others prefer without. No right or wrong answer just personal preference.

Good luck with your decision.



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Thanks seakayaker. The SN2 is used so no burnin time needed.

D7 is definitely not that difficult load for amplifier. I actually auditioned them with SN2 and they would most probably work just fine without HCDR also.

I had SN2 with HCDR driving Spendor D7s for a while. The SN2/HCDR combo had no problems driving the D7s. In particular, I found adding the HCDR brought better control on the bass.

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The HCDR comes with a Snaic5. You will need a Snaic4 too.


What if a subwoofer with high level connections was in charge of bass department…how would that impact the HCDR decision ?

A general question to friends…

The better control of bass from the HCDR is due to the PSU powering the pre amp section on the SN2.

Adding a sub woofer alone wouldn’t bring about better bass control, just more bass

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Thanks for all the input. Just to make sure I understand, the HCDR powers the preamp section only giving the on board PS to power the amp only. Is that right.

It does impact the headphone sound.



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