SN2 flashing volume control light

I have just replaced my Superuniti with a new (old stock) SN2 which is driven by my ND5 XS2, the only input. As the SN2 does not have a dedicated ‘stream’ input I chose ‘tuner’. Not sure why, seemed like a good idea at the time. The problem was that the SN2 switched input to ‘cd’ each time I changed the source using the Naim app e.g. from Radio to Tidal or from Tidal to Server. I thought this might be due to ‘automatic input switching’ being enabled but no so my dealer suggested using the ‘cd’ input which has solved the problem.

My main question (sorry to waffle on) concerns said ‘automatic input switching’. According to the manual to check if this feature is enabled you hold down the ‘prog’ button on the remote and the ‘cd’ light should come on if enabled or not if it’s not. Problem is when I do this the volume control light flashes and the ‘cd’ button has no effect at all. Either I’m doing something wrong or the manual is wrong - I can find no reference to a flashing vol control light.

Perhaps you knowledgeable Naim users out there can put me straight on this and advise if ‘cd’ is the best input to use.

I’ve always used CD DIN Input personally across SN1/2/3 and ND5XS, XS2 and NDX2.
Unless you need to power something like a phono stage the input choice isn’t going to make a difference and they’re just labelled based on typical sources. I’d be inclined to just connect your ND5 to CD and consider it problem solved!

A flashing volume control LED usually indicates that you have the pre-amp in program mode. This mode is where you can assign inputs or enable or disable AIS.

Once in program mode, have you pressed the Mute button to see which inputs have AIS enabled?

See the manual instructions here;

With Automatic Input Switching engaged the appropriate source input will be selected as soon as any handset function for that (Naim) source component is operated. For example, if the tuner input is selected and the cd play key is pressed on the handset, the SUPERNAIT 2 will automatically switch to the cd input. Automatic Input Switching can be programmed to operate on any combination of the cd, tuner, hdd and av input buttons.

To enable Automatic Input Switching, first switch the SUPERNAIT 2 into program mode by pressing and holding the handset prog key (with the handset in preamplifier mode). The front panel mute button will illuminate if automatic switching is already enabled. If it is not enabled it can be switched on by pressing the mute button.

With automatic switching enabled, pressing the mute button again will reveal the inputs selected for auto switching by their indicators illuminating for a short time. Repeated operation of the mute button will sequentially select through each possible combination of cd, tuner, hdd and av inputs and auto switching disabled (all indicators off). When the desired inputs selected for auto switching are indicated, stop pressing the button.

Automatic Input Switching only becomes operational on exit from program mode by pressing and holding the handset prog key.

Note: The SUPERNAIT 2 will leave program mode automatically if no control commands are received for five minutes.

Note: In a few cases some further equipment configuration may be required for auto switching to operate correctly. Please contact your retailer or local distributor for advice.

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