SN2 one channel humming very strange

Last night I listen to my SN2 + NDX

While sleeping my SN2 wend down. The left channel start humming and making a strange noise. Balance doesn’t work, also volume knob doesn’t work.

Does somebody recordnice this problem?

Is it possible to reset the SN2 ? (How ??)

Tomorrow I’ll at home and wil try to make a video.


Well I’d start by turning it off, and unplugging it! which I imagine you did. I would then disconnect everything connected to it. Then take it out of what ever it’s in or on, put it on a kitchen table so you can inspect etc then following your owners manual check the fuses. If they are good put them back in and reinstall the SN2, connect everything back up and test. if the left channel is still acting up. Turn it off and send it or take it for service.

How old is the unit? is it under warranty? sounds like the left channel pooped the bed… sorry sounds like the left channel has failed. any storms in your area last night?Any burning smells from the unit? If not much else I can think of to check… Good luck

You can also try swapping right and left channels. Either at the speaker end or amp end. Just switch the amp off first.

When you say that neither the balance or volume work, do you mean you get no sound? If a full power off, rest and then on again, doesn’t clear it then it does sound like it probably needs to be seen by a Naim technician. I would give your dealer or distributor a call this morning.

I guess i have to do that.

I can’t ad a .mov file here. I filmed it so you can see and hear it.

Other way to show you?

I uploaded:

Fuse?? I can’t see any fuse. Otherwise i have to open it and that nog good i guess.

I’m in the Netherlands. I already contact to Latham.

There’s a fuse right next to the mains power socket under a plastic cover.

Obviously if it’s blown, the amp will be completely dead, so your fuse must be OK.

Those noises do not sound good! I would power it down and get it looked at asap.

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That sounds horrible. Perhaps @NeilS has an idea of what’s gone wrong here. I would switch it off and phone your dealer ASAP.

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I found an old amp on my attic :wink: temporary


Am not sure that will take a 3 driver floorstander…

Maybe your attic has a nice pair of efficient standmounts too Rob :grinning:

Hi rob-z,

Yes, there is definitely something wrong in the gain stage of the preamp or the power amp stage.
I would suggest not connecting speakers to it until it can be rectified.
It sounds like a transistor fault, but could also be a polystyrene capacitor.


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Careful. You might not want the SN2 back again…

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Naim Nait 2 ?

For long I have been on this forum so I guess I am learning Naim product history :grinning:

Nop no small speaker… I have to wait till the SN2 is repaired.

When i try the SN3 ??

Yep nait 2. Also a NAT02 but the NDX works fine in de nait 2.

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