SN2+SCDR Stageline issue

I am powering a SN2 with a Supercap DR. When I tried to plug my stageline into the SN2 powered DIN (SNAIC5) it made the most terrible sound through the speakers. Shut everything off and nothing seems damaged.

What did I do wrong?

Were the SN2 and Supercap powered off when you plugged in the Stageline ?

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Supercap was not powered off! Reconnected with everything off and it’s working now. Yikes… what a terrible sound.


On a positive note, the Supernait2 really shines with the Supercap DR. Great combo… wonder if a HiCap2 would perform as well since the SN2 is only using a few rails of power?

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I’ll trade you straight up my HiCapDr for your SuperCapDr! You can have it within the hour, just need to pack it up. lol


:joy: :joy: :joy:

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Out of curiosity, does the external power supply take over all the power needs for the SN2? Is the internal power supply deactivated?

As I understand only the Pre part.


Now that everything’s Kosher, how does the Stageline (N, E, S, K?) sound?

It’s a K Stageline. Turntable is a LP12/Aro/Geddon/Lyra Kleos SL. I guess I should not be surprised by the dramatic improvement the Supercap DR brought. The bare SN2 has good boogie, but sounds dark by comparison. There’s far more detail and sparkle in the high frequencies. I’m using a relatively cheap pair of Warfdale Linton’s which I thought were rolled off on the tweeter. Not anymore.

Digital also sounds much better being fed by a late-model NDX-BT.

I’ve gone from a nice flat earth system to a hi-fi.


These are interesting findings, I remember most SN2 owners preferred it without a HCDR by the time it came out, me, I have not tried mine with an external PSU, it sounds mighty fine now. One more member has already reported recently SN2/SCDR to be a great combo and now this has already sparkled my interest :). I really like the dark character of my SN2, always thought this was its strength, not being overly analytical and bright.

I wonder what’s the reason for the HC to be less preferred (generalised statement) and what’s the big change the SC brings over the HC since the former is not used entirely.

I just bought a used HiCap DR. I’ll report back on the differences when I get it.


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