SN2 volume pot - getting to it


I want to use Caigs Deoxit spray on my SN2 volume pot

The left speaker makes a KRRRRK sound every time i use it ( remote or manually ).
The right one is fine.

I had a same issue with my Naim Nait 5i-2 and i opened the top cover used the deoxit spray and its working fine since the last 2 years. The Naim Nait 5i2 top cover loosening bolts are easier to figure out ( for me )

Thing is i am unable to figure out what to loosen on the SN2 to open the top plate / cover.

There are 4 feet on the bottom and i see 4 allen bolts as well…

Can somebody guide me correctly ?

Thanks !

FAQ 1 : I dont want to do thru a dealer. I am too far away
FAQ2 : Naim support is OK to use Caigs Deoxit since it appears to be a dust issue.
In November 2019 i had asked them but but i carried on till now - till i could live with it. But now i think its high time i must solve this.

The SN2 is perfect otherwise.

Not sure you will get a reply to this question

It goes against the spirit of this forum

Perhaps @Richard.Dane can advise you as you are not near a dealer?

I have tried to get his attention :grinning:

Normally I would always recommend that you go to a dealer. Opening up the cases is not really for the end user. It’s very easy to screw things up. I’ve seen a number of cases where someone has tried to open up the case using inadequate or ill-fitting allen keys, and they have rounded out the hex insets. This is easily done as the bolts need to be done up very tightly to ensure that the heat-sinking works correctly. The only solution then is a return to the factory where the bolts have to be carefully drilled out.

However, that said, the feet and all the bolts need to be removed. Be very careful with the three smaller ones in a row as I think they hold the sinks for the output devices in place. If in any doubt whatsoever, please liaise with Naim’s service department for advice and guidance.


Thank you @Richard.Dane

Sound advise

Well taken

Best wishes


wanted to know if the original power cord supplied by Naim for the SN2 is the same as that supplied with a Naim nait 5i-2 ?

Or any difference in thickness etc ?


Depends for which market as the UK, US, and European cords were different.

I mean the original power cable…as compared to Nait 5i-2


All else being the same, i.e. same period, same market - they should be the same, yes.

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