SN3 and DAC-V1 interconnect

Hello, this is my first post in this forum, I’ts very fun and educative.
Actually both are connected by 5 pin DIN to RCA. I purchased 5 pin to 4 pin DIN cable (not received so far) but not sure if it works because not found in “connection guide amplification” PDF published in Naim site.
Anyone tested this connection?

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PS. my english isn’t good, sorry

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I have a Naim v1 DAC and Naim 52 pre amp.
The V1 DAC has RCA Outputs and a 4 pin din output.
I have a 4 pin to 5 pin Naim interconnect ( not a Naim Snaic ) to connect the v1 Dac to the 52.

Alternatively you could use an rca to din 5 interconnect to connect the v1 Dac to your SN3.

Hi, connection to the V1 via the 4 pin DIN output is the same for either fixed or variable volume. Just remove the RCA lead and set the V1 to Fixed Output mode.
If you have bought a genuine Naim cable, or one from a supplier who understands Naim equipment, just connect it to a spare input socket. It should be a 180 degree 5 pin DIN input.


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