SN3 and Hicap connection why two cables?

If the hicap provides power only to the sn3, why should I use a snaic 4 and a snaic 5. One is power and the other is signal - why the signal one?

I have tried searching but can’t find an answer

Something to do with passing the signal back through the power supply for earthing I believe. I think there’s a FAQ about it in the FAQ section of this blog.

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The signal passes through the Hicap between the pre and power parts of your Supernait. It’s exactly the same as the way your signal passes through your 552PS on its way to the power amp.

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Some info here;


Thanks Richard. I didn’t know to search for the pre amp signal - I have never taken much interest in this sort of thing before, but having just got a sn3 (in my study) and having a hicap lying around I was wanting to understand what was going on Am a bit reluctant to splash out on a snaic 4 and snaic 5 (£360 or thereabouts) just to use a hicap that’s lying around though - not even a dr version. Thanks anyway - good
To learn more :blush:

I wouldn’t bother, judging on what I’ve read, to add a non-DR Hicap to a SN3. You’d probably buy the leads only to make the sound worse.

Yes - the idea Of doing nothing is growing, thanks. Bizarrely, I could probably buy a used headline and a slic to use the hicap in my main system for headphone listening for the same money as a snaic 5 and snaic 4

Seems a very convoluted system for attaining a common earth

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I agree it does but knowing naim, it is likely done because it sounds better doing it this way. Maybe one of the more knowledgeable members of the board could explain why this is so.

The reason is that it sounds best this way. There’s no other reason why it would be so.

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I understand that. However, I am wondering why it sounds better this way, what is the reason for why it does?

You can obtain them at a much lower price on the second hand markets if you look in the right places. Keep a keen eye out. If i were you and you have an itch to scratch and want to upgrade your SN3? then i would highly recommend a good ex-demo unit from a well seasoned dealer. I can vouch for myself here that it’s a lovely bit of icing on a rather toothsome cake. A SNAIC 5 and PowerLine Lite will be supplied with the unit. It’s lovely. :sunglasses:

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Having bought several power lines a year ago I have a bit of a surplus of power line lites sp no need to try to get one :blush:. At the moment I have only had the sn3 plugged in for a week so no rush - I just wanted to understand if and how I can use the hicap I have. Maybe in the future but not now

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