SN3 and some speaker matching suggestions - £1.5K budget

My friend has just acquired a (used) SN3 and has asked me for some speaker suggestions in the £1.5K budget range.

He’s heard my previous speakers (KEF LS50 Metas, Tannoy Legacy Eatons) and my current (B&W 805D3) with my SN3, and says he’s not really taken to any of them! Sonically, aesthetically or both. He’s very used to near field & headphone listening but will be using the SN3 in a slightly bigger room to mine (his is 4mx6m).

He’ll be using a streamer and CD player (not sure which yet) and no vinyl for now. His fave music is The Cure, The Beatles and Of Montreal, and loads of electronic/ambient.

He’s seen some discounted Focals (926 and 936) and is tempted by the price more than the looks. I’ve never heard any Focals, though he’s a fan of their headphones.

Thoughts/suggestions, please.

Id be looking at some second hand PMC Twenty5 22 or PMC Twenty5 21.

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Try some of Neat speaker range

Some of the higher end Iota’s and the Neat Majistra , I’ve heard that with the SN3 and was pretty impressive

I have the stand mounter Neat Petite (anniversary 30 and classic models) running with SN3, if in a smallish room the combo is excellent


I would also suggest ATC19s.


I immediately went to the Neats as well, but then realised - the only Neats sub 1,500 are the Iotas. The Petites and the Motives are just outside the budget range.

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Stretch the budget mate :grinning::grinning:


Have never listened, but try the Danes? Dynaudio Evoke 10s or the Buchardt s400?

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Hello. I assume the Eaton with the SN3 is an amazing combo. I’m considering the Eatons and would like to know your opinion on them.

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I had Focal Aria 936s in my main system. The look the part and have a big sound. They are now used in my conservatory as 2nd pair of speakers where I can listen to them via a switch.

If he likes Focals maybe Kantas would be better or what I have which is Focal Sopra 2s. The Sopra 1s are meant to be very good.

As @Bevo says maybe increase the budget and go used.

Seen Kanta 2s for around £3000 used
ATC SCMs £2500 used

Lots of options. The Sopra 2s are in different league to my Arias. But Arias are a nice speaker. But you don’t get the quaility of soundstage compared to more expensive floorstanding speakers.

Maybe bookshelf speakers on stands at that budget would get something better.

Depends what you want.

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SCM 19s are well over budget, though, at least if bought new. And, in my experience, they really need a 250 or more up em. I think SCM 11s could be a better match for SN3, though I’ve not heard that pairing.



Take a look and listen to the Q Acoustics Concept 50. They sound great with the SN3.

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On my friend’s behalf many thanks for the suggestions and thoughts, so far. He’s going to demo the Focal 926 & 936 over the weekend. I can’t go, but will be interested in his findings.

Re: budget increase. He’s got a top limit of 2K, and he would be happy to go s/hand.

He’s coming over to mine next week to fully rule out my 805D3 (he can get a pair for 2K ish, if he trades some of his guitar pedals etc). From his audio memory, he found my B&W to be very forward and in his words, “aggressive” in treble & mids.

Hi Rafa,

Yes, very good indeed. That said, I’m not using them now, as my room and layout have changed and I acquired some B&W 805D3, which work much better for me.

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Although a bit over your friends budget I recommend Keff r3 meta. I was disappointed with them at first but 2 months later wow. They sounded thin mid high and lacked bass. Now the treble sounds sweet, mid range is crazy good and bass is powerful and tight, these speakers image exceedingly well which is amazing with electronic music.

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Rega Ayas

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Neat Iota Alphas are great speakers, and work brilliantly with Naim amps. They can be bought s/h or ex-dem. New might well be affordable too.

If you know anyone who has a set, pop them in a car and try them at your mate’s house - they are tiny. Otherwise, hear them at a dealer and then ask about ex-dem.

The only constraints are that they can go close to a rear wall , but not hard against it, and don’t belong on a shag-pile carpet.

Lots of other good speakers have been mentioned, but many are outside the quoted price range or really demand more amplification or both.

Good luck!

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I’d suggest what I had with them :smile::smile::crazy_face:

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I echo the ATC 19 options, but with 1 or 2 Rel T5/X subs, and also highly recommend nac a5 jumpers to replace the plates connecting the ATC binding posts.

I live in Toronto (Go Canada) and have a Supernait 3 with ATC SCM11 V2 with a t5/x. Absolutely love the setup.

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NEAT Motive SX2 or 3 really like a SN3 up ‘em. Maybe you can visit a dealer who has those items so you can listen for yourself. There are some lovely used examples in all the usual places, just a matter of taking your time and being patient…