SN3 as a Pre-amp for Active Speakers?

As per the title, can my SN3 be configured as a preamp only when (if) I convert my PMC’s to active?


There isn’t a preamp only setting per se; use the “biamp” output socket on the back, and disconnect the speakers. The power amp stage will remain functional it just won’t be feeding speakers, but it will be powering the preamp circuit.
You’ll need a suitable connecting cable with a 4 pin din on one end.


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Thanks for that, sounds do-able, maybe not optimal. I haven’t heard the actives yet so may not go that way but if I do I need a preamp of sorts ( I have a Hegel DAC, OPPO HA-1 headphone amp, and OPPO 205 disc player all of which can act as preamps with varying levels of connectivity.

The Sub Out rca is unfiltered also.

The Supernait sub out has a 100R resistor to allow it to work with long subwoofer cables. Naim say that this can affect the transparency of the signal, so best to use the dedicated DIN pre out.