SN3 into NAP 250 DR

I’m upgrading from a Supernait 3 to NAC 282/NAP 250 DR. The amp has arrived along with a Super Lumina DIN to XLR IC. It will be a week or two before I get the 282.

I was wondering if I could use the SN3 as a preamp into the 250DR while I"m waiting for the 282. I"m using a HiCap with the SN3.

If It’s possible, should I change the cabling on the HiCap and which output would I use on the SN3 to the 250?

Thanks in advance.


Yes you can. I did the same. Just plug the 250 into bi amp on SN3. At least when not using a hicap.

Hi, look here page 25
This shows an sn2/hicap/200 but the same principles apply. Plus the input socket on the 250 is a different shape (xlr rather than 4 pin din) to the 200 so the hicap/250 interconnect required is not the same.
(FYI Page 11 shows 282/napsc/hicap/250)

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Thanks Robert.

@robert_h – there is also a scenario that shows a 200 dr being bi-amped using the supernait. are you familiar with how that configuration sounds? would it make sense to add a hicap to this configuration?

i’m also wondering if a 202/200 makes more sense. i am intrigued by the bi-amping option, though.

Connected the way shown in the Connection Guide, the left channel was silent. Connected directly from the SN3, It worked great. I went back to using the HiCap only on the SN3. I’ll see what happens when I get the NAC 282.
BTW, listening to the SN3 w/o the Hicap proved that the SN3 need it.

You will have the most musical Naim combo. I had the 282/250 before and could be happy with it without problem.
With a cdx2/xps2 or ndx2, it’s very involving. The best Naim sound for the money.


I can already tell that with just the NAP 250 DR. I have ND555/555PS and Super Lumina cables.
Speakers are Harbeth 30.2 40th Anniversaries

Bud, congratulations on the upgrade.

If I recall correctly you just upgraded to the SN3 this past year. Any particular reason why you are moving on so quickly?

Lucky man ! Enjoy !

I was married for 56 years and my wife kept me grounded. After she passed I spent a lot of money on various audio brands. Then I stopped the insanity and downsized all the way to a Nova. My Naim dealer pointed out to me that he had a demo SN2/NDX2 that only added one box and gave me a good deal. Of course I had to add power supplies for both of them. Then I had a chance to swap for an ND555/555PS so I did that.
I had sent my dealer a lot of things to sell on Consignment and it was going to take him a long time to do it. Given my age and health I’m constantly thinking short term and began to think about getting something for those things I’d sent my dealer. I traded all those things he was going to sell for me along with a reasonable amount of cash and now I have the 250 DR and Super Luminal Cables and I’m waiting for a new 282 and Headline (to replace the headphone amp in the SN3).

If my health was better I’d be spending money on cruises not audio equipment.

I did buy my end game piece of audio. A Gen 2 Mu-So…amazing!


Thanks for the reply and I look forward to hearing how you get on with theND555/555PS > 282/250 with Headline. What speakers are you using?

Harbeth 30.2 40th Anniversaries


Great speakers.

They were my wife’s favorite speaker. The first time she heard them she turned to me and said those are perfect. She’d never commented on any of our other speakers other than to tell me my Magnapans were too big.

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Simply beautiful! …please post your thoughts once you have the new system assembled.

I’m [quote=“seakayaker, post:16, topic:7124”]
Simply beautiful! …please post your thoug you have the new system assembled
I finally got a new NAC 282 which completes things. I’m still waiting for a HiCap clone from Israel to power the Headline.

The NAP. 250 DR and HiCap were used in a show so they had some time on them. The 282 is brand new.

I connected the 250 directly to the SN3 with a Super Lumina DIN/DIN while I waited for the last pieces to arrive. It was clearly an improvement over the amp section in the SN3 as it should be.

When the 282 was cabled to the 252 through the HiCap I was disappointed (lack of warmth, a bit irritating). This lasted a couple of days until it was as if a switch had been flipped. Now I hear a system I’d hoped to have achieved. I’m not good at describing what I hear but I can say no matter how good the SN3, the 282/250 is one of those “you can never go back” deals. It confirms the brilliance of an ND555/555PS front end.

I’m a firm believer in source first so if you have a good streamer/DAC then the 282/HC/250DR will justify your investment.


Great news !

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