Sn3, left channel not working

Hi, I just received an SN3 in India. It worked fine for a few hours. I left the house so turned everything off and upon return there is no sound from left channel.

Please help

What is the your source? Check that first, then interconnect, and also check whether it’s just on that input on the Supernait. Try a power down - wait for the amp to fully switch off and caps discharge, then power up again. Failing that, contact your dealer. I don’t know what the distributor’s warranty terms are in India, but if you’ve just received it then I would imagine it’s fully warranted by them.

So I’ve narrowed it down to the mute relay being stuck as the channel is working fine in AV source with av bypass on, i still get sound on both channels. But if I turn av bypass off then it stops working again. Ive read that theres many people whove had the same issue and that its due to relays currently being used which are faulthy but naim cant change it due to “sound”

This is a nightmare for me because this belonged to a friend who had bought it from the UK but gave it to me because he moved to the US which is 110v so I bought it from him and brought it to India with me which is 220v. And it’s from 2019 so no warranty. There’s no service center in India either, there’s nothing. Don’t know what to do. I feel as if I’m stuck in 100 years ago.

If there’s no service facility in India and the distributor is not interested due to it being a grey import from the U.K. you’ll need to get it back to the U.K. for inspection and repair. If I were you I would contact the Naim factory to discuss what your options here might be.

Where are you located? If in Mumbai you can contact the dealer situated in Worli, A K International. May be they can help to service or send back the unit to UK for repair if needed. Naim amplifiers are designed to be kept ON all the time for optimum sound quality, I read you turned off while you were out…:blush:

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