SN3 LinkPlug Failure?

Hey guys, in my experimenting with recently acquired SuperLine I wanted to switch my HCDR from SN3 to Superline. But, when I made the change and returned the SN3 LinkPlug back I received a power failure (mute button flashing). When I reconnected the HCDR back to SN3 it came back to life and everything is working fine. The only conclusion is it seems like there is some sort of failure with LinkPlug.

I thought it’s a passive device, like a cable, never could’ve guessed it can fail. It did lay around for a past year or so since I acquired HCDR, but not sure what could go wrong. Anyone else had experience with this? Can I fix the LinkPlug?


It could be the link plug, alternatively it could be a failure of the 24V power rail linked to the preamp out DIN5 socket from the power amp in DIN4 socket by the link plug.

I’d suggest, with the SN3 powered off, removing and re inserting the link plug a few times, just to clean the plugs and sockets and then power up the SN3 again to see if the fault goes.

If not, are you are able to borrow a link plug from a friendly dealer to help find where the fault lies ?

I tried reinserting link plug several times, it didn’t help. I will contact the local dealer tomorrow to check about borrowing the link plug. If it’s a power rail, will it need service?

Yes, if the link plug is not the issue then it’s likely that it’ll need to go to a service centre to be fixed. Your dealer should be able to sort that out for you.