SN3 & NARCOM5 Input selection?

Is there some trick to get the NARCOM5 remote to change inputs on the Supernait3? So, far the only things I find that work on the remote are volume and mute (I assume balance as well, but I don’t want to change it or touch it).

The manual says the numeric controls can select “preamplifier inputs” but I’ve yet to get this to work.

Hi just press PRE then the input number. :+1:t2:

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Thank you! I figured there must be some “trick” to get that to work. I tried pressing CD and TUN but when they did nothing I didn’t try anything else.

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Lovely tip, never got how to change inputs until I read your post, thanks.

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I realise that real men don’t read manuals, and believe they can operate things using their inbuilt genius, but sometimes it really can help.

Has anyone not made this mistake yet? :joy:

Some don’t read the original post either, it would seem.

Still, real man don’t read manuals.

If in doubt you can always default to the Haynes manual, one for @HungryHalibut to refresh on perhaps.


Excellent suggestion!

It is a nice touch (and logical) that in PRE mode 7, 8, 9, 0 select inputs on a Naim DAC, if you have one. Nick

I normally take a look on the manual when I acquire gear, but as I use the NDX 2 remote to listen most of the time, and use the supernait 3 remote for turning the leds off at night, when I saw this was a welcome tip and reminder that sometimes the manual is the best place to search.

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