SN3/NDX2 remote volume control stops working

I posted this question a few months ago and people gave some great suggestions and I appreciate the effort to help, but none of the proposed solutions worked. I’m wondering if since then anyone else came across a similar problem.

Every so often, maybe 4-5 times since owning the system, remote functions stop working for volume, balance, and source selection using the SN3 remote. The NDX2 remote’s volume control and the iOS app volume control stop working at the same time. The system is currently in this state.

Usually this situation lasts a few hours to over night and somehow corrects itself. This time it’s been about 48 hours.

Solutions proposed so far:

Replace batteries in remote—Three different remotes don’t work at the same time. NDX2 remote works for all NDX2 functions. iOS works as NDX2 remote. Changed batteries in the SN3 remote anyway, no dice.

It was suggested that lightbulbs of a certain type on the same circuit could be the culprit. Different bulbs or all lights on or off make no difference.

NDX2 3.5” cable is properly connected from streamer to amp. Doesn’t make a difference to any means of remote volume chase if it’s connected, doesn’t allow the SN3 remote to work if it’s disconnected.

I’ve powered the system down and rebooted after some time and no results. Powered down and then disconnected and reconnected the cabling, no results.

I’ve exercised the volume and balance knob, no results.

There’s nothing in sight line between the system and the remote. Wouldn’t affect it anyway.

I’d appreciate any more suggestions! Seems to be there’s a fault in the remote control circuitry of the SN3. It wouldn’t be fun to send it back for service though.

Thank you and please let me know what you think!

Works again as of today, mysteriously.

Could you be hitting a button on the remote like program that’s causing the issue?

I suppose it’s possible. Would that affect the NDX2 remote controlling volume as well?

Stopped working again.

I cannot be the only one dealing with this issue.

If you have the same volume control issue whether using a Narcom remote or the system automation App then that would probably indicate a problem with the SN3 - maybe the wires are bound up inside the knob (this is rare but can happen), or the knob is sticking (is it pushed in too far so it’s catching on the fascia?), or there’s some other issue. I would ask your dealer to check the knob and wiring first.

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If you’re on system automation, it may be worth checking the plugs aren’t loose or dodgy.

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