SN3/NDX2 Running In

Currently running in new NDX2 and SN3.

Running NDX2 24/7 on internet radio station into the SN3 - Streamer input, with Mute engaged.

As far as I understand this is running in the NDX2 nicely. With the SN3 having the Mute turned on - is this actually running in the SN3 ?

Or does it actually need to be driving (sound through) the speakers ?

Many thanks

Driving the speakers and pushing current … Tis the only way!

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It doesn’t really matter. Both units are on. Just enjoy them from the off and don’t worry about running in.

Welcome to the forum. Nice setup the NDX2/SN3 combo :+1:


Welcome don’t get too concerned about run in, just enjoy your music but leaving the radio playing 24/7 through the speakers even at low volumes will help.


Received the NDX2 over a month back and although I knew it had to be run in I most did that whle listening. Only additional thing is that I left the music playing while I left the house or went to sleep, albeit at lower volumes

As for the SN3, I believe unless it is sending current to the speakers then the “silent” run in is partial.

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