SN3 Owners: Which Interconnect?

I’m getting the itch to try some reasonable upgrades. I’m debating trying WHP speaker cables to replace TQBI or whether I should try something else from TQ. I cannot afford TQUBII. While on the WH website I see they have RCA-DIN interconnects and this got me wonder: what interconnect do you SN3 owners use with your source?

Hi, compared between 5-5 Din Naim Hi Line and Chord Signature. Chose the Naim ones. But as many will write, borrow from your dealer, listen and let your ears decide. There are also good 2nd hand offers at dealerships and online.

I must say though that a major upgrade was adding Hi Cap DR power supply.

Enjoy your journey.

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Rega Couple or Couple 2 with my Rega CD and Fono.
Flashback RCA/DIN (Tuner)
Various Chord Co. (various)
Naim Lilac (Tuner)
Linn Silver (phono)

either the Naim original Grey one, or a vertere DFI.

It might be helpful to say what your sources and speakers are. Your profile says you have a SN2 yet you are asking about connecting a SN3.

I need to update my profile I guess.

Speakers are Contour 20.

Source is a Schiit Multibit DAC.

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I use TQ Black II speaker cables, and TQ Black din to din interconnects from my NDX2 and NAT05 to the SN3. As you have the TQ speaker cables it may make sense to use TQ interconnects.

Do you think TQBII is worth the upgrade versus v1.0? I see a good deal on used TQB2.

I’ve not directly compared the two I’m afraid. Certainly the reviews found the II to be considerably better, but then that’s what reviews usually do. If they are a decent price it’s probably a safe bet.

Got a Witch Hat Morgana a couple weeks ago and it’s really good. Big improvement over stock.

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