SN3 reverting to CD as Default Media after Streaming or Phono!

I am having issues with my SN3. When I finish streaming an album, my SN3 reverts to CD as the default. So if I then want to stream another album, I got to interrupt what I am doing to manually change SN3 inputs. Similarly, if I am playing an LP, and want to play another LP, I have to change manually from CD to Phono.

I would like my SN3 to remain on the last input I willfully chose. This will minimize the need to constant input pressing.

What can I do?

I had a similar problem when using my NDX2 with SN3. It was down to system automation on the Naim app. Be careful which preamp number you choose as the default - I can’t recall which is correct but trial and error will help.

@Bjm i am reluctant to try trial and error. I am visually impaired with not great eye-hand coordination, so I am hoping someone can walk me through. Also I noticed the Naim app has changed. With system automation there used to be a slider bar. Now there are plus and minus icons on either side of the speaker icon. All very confusing to someone new to Naim and new to streaming.

On top of everything else Verizon (isp) had to make a service call to install a new router. They were great. They also found a short in the wire from the ONT. THIS made our router unstable. Over the weekend it finally gave up the ghost and we lost WiFi and internet service. Verizon were great. We also realized how much streaming depends on WiFi and internet access. Not a great time.

Sorry @Jaybar , I no longer have my NDX2 or SN3 so am unable to verify for you.

Perhaps other owners can help?

In your fourth sentence I think you mean to say that before using system automation there was a slider bar. With system automation using a SN3 you should see + and - buttons. This is correct and is because the SN3 has an analogue volume control.

In the app system automation settings, set the amplifier input to stream, and connect the ND5XS2 to the stream input. I suspect that you currently have the system automation input set to CD, which will give the behaviour you describe.


@Jaybar did my suggestion work?

@HungryHalibut The tech guy from my dealer did a home visit. He followed your suggestions. Seemed to have solved the problem. Thanks.

I’m please you’ve sorted it out. It takes literally 20 seconds in the app to do, and it would be well worth you getting on top of these things. It’s all very simple to do and it’s good to be self reliant. Hopefully your tech person didn’t charge you for 20 seconds’ work.

@HungryHalibut The dealer has a minimum garage for any home visit. Again thanks for your help.

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