SN3 review by Steve Huff on YouTube

I have quite the same feeling. Each new component is the best , be it amplifiers or dacs.
Let’s see if he will still enjoy and keep the SN3 in some months.

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I follow his reviews and like that he compares different components vs each other. He seems to be objective.
However he tends also to consider the new box as the best he has never heard till now.
So I am a bit mitigated.

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That indeed explains a lot…

An objective review is pointless…surely.

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Honest if you prefer

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And he preferred to use the RCA connectors throughout. :thinking: :+1:t2:

Don’t think he preferred, just used the cables he had.

Thought he would have to review as the manufacturer intended.
Maybe he tried it and preferred RCA :thinking:

Leave it! :grin:

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Or maybe he thought that DIN connections were only for Naim source kit, as he said in his written review.

I think that’s not true as well you know.
Naim expect all kit to be at its optimum through they’re connector of choice.
Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.
I do own a Supernait 3

Sorry I thought from the fact you asked you were wondering why he didn’t use DIN connectors, so as he’d stated his perception of what DINs were for I thought it might be of interest to you. Obviously not, sorry.

A non-standard mains cable too…in fact everything plugged into it is of non-Naim standard…:thinking:

It is of interest thank you I hadn’t read any write up the start of the comments looked very dubious to say the least.
I’ve tried them both ways and got far better results RCA but others might not agree we all have our own ears.
No offence meant. :flushed:

In that case Naim should have delivered him Din/ RCA cables. Apparently Naim didn’t.

Poor show on them.
Great review though it could have been very different. :+1:t2:

The dealer he plugs for the first 2 minutes of the review loaned him the amp, Naim weren’t involved.

Yes, probably. But I understood he didn’t bothered with Din as he doesn’t have a Naim source.

I’ve not compared in any dedicated way and considered it - may I ask what you have used in your comparison (and what cables) and what do you mean by far better (with RCA)?

I posted in a conversation elsewhere for a similar question.