SN3 Right Channel Dead

I’ve been switching off my SN 3 a bit more frequently recently and this morning when switched on the right channel is dead. Checked all the usual suspects and no joy. Can I presume this is a relay failure?

Have you checked all inputs? Checked it’s not an issue at source or interconnect? Re-seated the link plug?

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Yes all checked, I’m presuming it was caused by powering off and on so hence I’m thinking the relay. Very frustrating, this is now my 6th fault with new Naim kit and third with the SN3. It’s my second amp as first was returned faulty and this one already has a faulty balance pot so is due to be returned under extended warranty soon anyway but still, it’s left a very bad taste and will certainly be discussing alternatives with my dealer as I would not like to be dealing with these issues outside of warranty. Naims QC and component sourcing certainly needs to be put under the microscope.

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