SN3 to New Classic

I am getting ready to start my upgrade. I currently have Focal Soprano N1 > SN3/HCP > Qutest > Node 2i > VPI Classic TT/Lyra Delos cart > McIntosh MP100 Phono Pre. The Sopra N1’s and VPI will stay. I will be doing this in stages.
I am looking at the NC 300 series. Obviously the Node is the weak link. My thoughts were to start with a naked NSS 333 and bypass the NDX2, the price is not that different in long scheme of things. What I was wondering is preamp or amp next? As far as Amps go, I was thinking of going with the 250 vs the Mono blocks. Looking for some suggestions.
Things have changed. I got a better than expected Christmas bonus and now can afford 2 pieces. I could afford the 350’s but would you go 332 or 350’s with the 333? The SN3 would serve as either the preamp or the amp. It will probably be 6 months before I can add the other piece.

hopefully you have a local dealer that can demo the 300/200 series
you have very a nice system
i suspect you will have to double or triple your investment in hi fi gear
to attain the next level


Getting the 333 is a really good idea. The logical next step would be the 332, which would allow you to sell the Hicap. You’d need special leads to connect to the SN3 though. It’s probably best to get the 333 then save until you can get the whole amp at once.


I agree. The 333 will be a great starting point. Be careful with the 332 though - it is very good. I heard it with the 333 and into a NAP250 then the NAP350. The 350 really is astonishingly better than the 250 so will cost a significant amount more.

Tread carefully here, a Naim front end will sound very different to a Chord one. No right or wrong, just different and lots on here like the Chord/Naim mix. Myself included. The nodes weakness is its Dac, which you won’t be using with the Qutest.


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