SN3 v old seperates

For me the SN3 phono stage is excellent.
If you want all atmospheric tingeling, it may not be for your taste.
I like it a bit meaty.


I had a 72/HiCap/140 (in service) with a digital front end into ES11s. A home demo of an SN2 convinced me the SN2 was ‘better’. What is better? Hard (for me to describe) but clearer, faster, quieter quiets, louder louds… I still have the old olives as the heart of a second system. I suspect with an analogue front end, especially soemthing comtemporary, most would prefer the Olives.


With Aria I heard a bit more “air” may be but flatter and sounding more hollow. For some the Aria may be a preference but it’s not a better phono stage - so just to give an idea of what one needs to exceed as a level to improve on the SN3…

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