SN3 with Kudos 606

Has any one tried this combination? Are the 606s too much for the SN3?

I have read that the 606s are relatively easy to drive, and I’m keen to keep the box count low.


I haven’t and imagine they will work fine. However like many speakers, I would imagine they would love more than the Supernait.
You just have to bear that in mind as it may draw your mind to upgrade at some point.

I think the spinach man has it right. The SN3 will work very well with the 606 but the desire to upgrade might prove considerable. If that is likely to be the case I’d start with 202/200 to provide future flexibility.



As above really. I haven’t tried the SN3 with mine, but i have owned a SN2 in the past so have a good idea of its capability. Presently i use a sub par amplification with mine, but the speakers are only 3 weeks old and i want them to settle before i decide what to do. My current set is CDS3/XPS2/Nait5/Hicap2/250DR (Nait5 used as pre only) all on Fraim. When i first installed them they sounded great, and in most respects they still do, but can sound a little lighter on the bass than before. Whether this will change again over the next few weeks i will have to wait and see.

My plan is to drop a better pre in later and consider my options. I’ve not decided which one, but i can borrow a couple as well as a SN3 to try with the 250DR too. Maybe the last bit is with an eye on a SN3/250DR active setup… but maybe not. I’m also considering trying a nice 72 as well if i can find one.

All i can say at this time is the 606 respond well to changes and my gut feeling is that although a SN3 would sound very nice, it’s not an endgame set, as the speakers are capable of much more.

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I ran 606s for a while with a SN2

No problems at all driving them

Hardly ever went past 9 ocklock


Remember it’s nothing to do with volume, it’s to do with control. The sound will become much more detached from the speakers with superior amplification.


Gary that Kudos active set up at Bristol (think it was NDX2, SN3, HCDRx2, Snaxo242, 250DR into 606s) sounded really very impressive. If that’s the sort of thing you have in mind you’ll be very happy.

Yes Dave, it’s just a thought at the moment. CDS3/XPS2/SN3/2xHicaps/Snaxo/250DR. I would like to try that compared to say a 282 or 252/250DR passive.

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I reckon that’s a really good shout Gary. In your position I’d do the same I think. Keep us posted

Will do Dave.

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I was speaking to a dealer about exactly this combination, as I already own a Supernait 3, and his opinion was that the Supernait would sound great with both, but also, unsurprisingly, that the pre power combinations would be substantially better. The Kudos speaker at that level would be easily good enough to show improvements in your replay chain.
I suppose it’s an issue of where you’re coming from? If the 505s or 606s sounded great to me with my Supernait, why should I worry how they’ll sound with a 552/500?
If you love the overall character of the speakers and they suit your room I’d go for it, you can always upgrade later if you felt the need.
As mentioned above Kudos do a great demo with one of the Titans in active mode using a Supernait, 250 and Snaxo. Obviously they don’t think the Supernait shames their speakers on that evidence. For me it was too many black boxes to consider, but I imagine they’re great.

I think your SN3 will drive the 606 easily but I predict you’ll want to continue your amplification journey once you hear them as they can take a lot more👍

Mine are currently on the end of a 252/250DR set up which is shortly to upgrade to 300 and that will be my end game. But you won’t regret the 606.

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I am running mine on the end of a 252/300 and they are absolutely superb.

When I upgraded from a 250dr to the 300 with my previous speakers it was one of the best value for money upgrades I have ever made.

Enjoy your 300 when it turns up.


How long did it take for your 300 to run in?

If I remember correctly it took 4 or 5 weeks to really settle in.

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If already an active route,
So why not two pairs of 135’s plus 52?
It seems to me that this is a much improved option and the bonus - cheaper …

Thanks guys for all the helpful replies, the 606s have just arrived at my dealer, and now waiting for them to be delivered - delayed due to the Covid situation

I had a Uniti and a SN years ago, and really liked the SN. Over the last four years, I have been using a Devialet 220pro. Very happy with the sound and convenience of the 220pro, however, now with warranty expiring on the Devialet, and the upgrade itch needing to be scatached, I’m contemplating a move back to Naim.

I remember the sound of the SN very fondly, although the 220pro was a big upgrade to the SN, based on the comments i have read on the forum, the SN3 appears to be a substantial upgrade on SN. And given I prefer to keep box count down, will definitely give the SN3 a demo.

Thanks for the help!

Gary, as Dave I will be glad to hear about your experience as well. Thinking which way to go SN3/Hicap or 252/250. Obviously second option is much better, but maybe will be happy with first one.

My experience in changing was more clarity, punch and controlled bass

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