Sn3 with massive headroom vs 250dr

I’m using a jamo concert 8 which is rated 91db efficient with a 1st order crossover. On my SN3 vol control is 6am till 5pm. My speakers open up at just 7pm position, at 9pm it is incredibly loud and still pretty good. I keep hearing about 250dr and 300dr being significantly better. It’s hard for me to imagine better. I heard a bunch of 100k systems in Vegas and I feel as if my system is 85% there.

Is there some significant sound signature difference between the sn3 and 250dr 300 dr? completely different IC? or is it a thing about more headroom = better quality sound?

When I upgraded from an 800 usd cambridge audio 840a v2 to 5.6k usd naim sn3, chord qutesr, I feel as if the improvement was around 30%.

The cost to benefit ratio is not that great but it’s ok, but a 282 and 240 dr is much higher cost and the cost to benefit ratio is considerably lower.

My question is considering at just 10% volume my speakers open up, is there something significant I’m missing in the sn3 vs the 282, 250dr 300dr? or is it more like a 10 to 25% difference.

I live in India so it’s not really possible for me to hear a 250dr or 300dr. I imported my SN3.

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I have a Supernait 3 here and my findings are the same I don’t need anymore just enjoy what it brings. :+1:t2:


You should consider getting a hicap before 282/hicap/250 or 252/supercap/300 (deliberately ignoring any new preamps/ power supplies).

Remember it’s not all about volume control. E.g most modern cars can cruise on a motorway at 70mph. Just some of them are doing it effortlessly, and with less road plus engine noise inside the cabin. The 250 and 300 are better amps than the supernait, but they can all make music louder than you need.


Hello @Rahul
I’ll happily jump on board the SN3 band wagon.
I absolutely love the SN3 and while I know upgrading it, or adding power supplies to my current set up would bring improvements, I LOVE the simplicity of an integrated amp. By its very nature, its a compromise, (although for 99% of the population, I suspect not!) but at this level, its one that I’m very happy to live with.

If you really are wanting to head for 282, 250dr 300dr territory - these are seriously brilliant bits of kit that come at a price - you will also need to upgrade your source because it will be found wanting in that company.

The fear of missing out, can prevent us from enjoying what we have, so if its any reassurance to you, there are plenty of people on here (and many more who aren’t) who are thrilled with their SN3 and have no desire to upgrade. For many, its all the amp they will need. If you really must scratch the upgrade itch, I’d suggest trying a Hi Cap because it will bring an improvement and will be needed should you choose to pursue the separates route . . .

Are your speakers well matched to what the SN3 can comfortably drive? You might find you can gain more from your system with well suited speakers (not knowing the Jamo Concert 8, I couldn’t comment).


I can’t address your question as to whether going to a 250DR, 300DR, etc. would be a good cost to benefit equation. I will second robert_h regarding considering the HCDR. Took a while, but the HCDR made a significant (27%) difference in my system. Granted, my speakers are rated at 88db, not 91db.
And right now, they’re 20% off here in the States.

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I will ask the obvious question about your source chain… what is going into your SN3?

I’m starting to be a convert (about ‘source first’). I’ve had my SN3 since last summer, being fed by ND5XS2. I recently added a preloved nDAC and I’m impressed with the improvement. I start to understand what my speakers may be capable of, and currently I really don’t feel like I need any upgrade on the power side. I know the HiCap DR is waiting somewhere, but right now just enjoying that additional level of detail & resolution, bigger soundstage and depth the DAC has brought.


The SN3 is an excellent amp running solo but just wanted to mention how good the phono section is. Arrived home from work last night and listened to Suzanne Vega’s first album and just was so good.


Banging album. :+1:


I had the SN 2 for some time and agree with you that the SuperNait does a fantastic job of delivering beautiful music. As someone else mentioned you could start with a HiCapDR for your Supernait 3 and that would be an uplift to your music. It would also be needed if you did go with a NAC 282. I added the 282 preamp to my SuperNait 2 and it did improve the detail, bass and overall sound. I later traded in the SuperNait towards a 250DR and that also brought an improvement.

You are in a tough spot with having to import without demonstration. With that said there are benefits in upgrading but the individual dependencies such as system components, connecting cables, speaker cables, room size and our own hearing always impacts our own personal experience with sound.

There is plenty of threads on the forum discussing upgrade paths with a Supernait and the search feature is your friend. Enjoy the journey…

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