Snaic age Differences?

Been looking at a few pre loved Snaic 4s.

So far i have spotted the oldest grey Snaic 4
A black snaic 4 with the older Naim Logo.
And a black snaic 4 with the newer naim logo.

Is there a sonic difference between the Snaics?
Which is the better snaic to go for and why?

Black = Newer = Better.

Simples… :blush:

The Grey SNAIC is the original SNAIC, introduced circa 1985. The Black SNAIC replaced it circa 1999.

Both were/are available in 4 pin & 5 pin versions.

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Which black?, and why?
As in my post question.

Hang on… Am trying to help you here. OK…??

All this info (on the different SNAIC’s) is already on here, if you could just be bothered to search for it. But… why should you make the effort…???

Black is Black, AFAIK.

PS. Here you go… I found it for you…


Thank you for helping.

I have already bothered to read richards explanation on all snaics,
And it was very helpful to point out the real naim vs copies. But it does not outline any sonic differences between the BLACK snaics

So my original question was------ Is there a sonic difference?.
And if so so, what difference?.

A little more detail would be helpful, thanks

Perhaps Richard would be better suited to answer my question.

Only your own ears can tell you that, sorry. Just assume that Naim knew what they were doing - and did not make a worse SNAIC. So Black is Better.

Thats it. Beyond that, its time for Silver Foil Hats & Ley Lines…

Still trying to help and not argue, pointlessly…


Yes, the black SNAIC is definitely better and worth seeking out in my opinion.

I do state as much in the FAQ piece about SNAIC ID: “The later black versions are superior in sound performance.”


Thank you richard.
So between both the old naim logo black snaic and the new naim logo black snaic there are no sonic differences?

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Just the logo style.


Brilliant. Just what I wanted to hear, thanks again Richard.

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