Snaic burn in

Hi all, just a quicky. Just got some brand new snaic cable, 4 pin and 5 pin.
To connect nait 2 to hi cap is there any burn in or do they work straight from box

Are you sure you are trying to connect a NAIT 2 to a HICAP via a SNAIC?

Is the HICAP powering a phono stage via SNAIC and then connecting to the NAIT 2 via a 4-5 interconnect?

Sorry Richard, it is a supernate 2 to a hi cap dr.

Ah, OK, thanks, that makes more sense. Yes, both SNAICs will work fine straight away but performance will probably improve with some run-in over the coming weeks.

Big thank you for that. Really liking the tonal change on what I was using before. I am not going to get into cable arguments. But these are very open and natural sounding. Running amp back up again now.

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