SNAIC cable length

I’m pondering my longer term rack arrangement plans with an option to build two seperate racks in a brain/brawn configuration.
My challenge is space in relation to other items in the room including current speaker positions and large seating.
I know the SNAIC and Burndy cables come as standard in 1.25m lengths, the question being can they be manufactured/ordered in different lengths to allow for more flexible layout between equipment and if so what lengths are possible or recommended if this is an option.
If I can only use 1.25m lengths between PSU and electronics it quickly puts my spaced apart racks idea to bed!
Perhaps one best addressed by a forum admin or Naim employee, looking at the website there’s no suggestion other lengths are available.

Naim only supply them in those lengths, which are optimised for sound quality. I’m sure other, and unapproved, suppliers could do it but it’s outside of Forum discussion and results would be unpredictable. It’s probably best to constrain your options to those that work within the 1.2m limit, which effectively means having the two racks in very close proximity.

Thanks @hungryhalibut, I’m only looking for options manufactured by Naim to be clear here.
If they don’t make other lengths available for specific reasons then my rack options need a rethink!
I thought I’d ask here anyway as if it was an option someone almost certainly would have done it already.
Thanks for inputs as always, hope you’re keeping well and finding time to enjoy some music.

As your system has relatively few boxes - unless you plan more of course - you may find it ok to stick with one stack. With the powered boxes at the bottom and the others at the top, and a gap in the middle, it can work well. That’s what I tell myself anyway - having had two stacks in the past I’m determined to stick with just the one, compromised or not.

As HH, confirms, longer SNAIC lengths than 1.25m are not recommended by Naim - performance is reduced and may also give unpredictable issues elsewhere within the system.

Appreciate the feedback, just wanted to verify my options before I got too carried away and ended up with more Fraim than I had need for.

Given this clarification it would be worth refining the thought process around ensuring the target setup was on a single stack with the best setup in mind. I hadn’t thought about space levels in a single stack Fraim but humour me if you will and consider my following thought process.

Fraim levels as follows, top to bottom

Turntable - Medium/Tall Fraim legs?
NDX2 - Standard legs
Supernait 3 - Standard/medium legs?
Phonostage - Also TT PSU and brushes and what not, standard legs, or more gap to SN above?
XPS DR - standard legs
HiCap DR - Base level

I have Full Fraim already and would add to that as above, don’t have all those boxes today but it’s how it will become over the next 12 months or so as a guide. I guess the question this poses is also relative to SNAIC/Burndy length and dressing as well as how best to optimise those IC lengths and distance between PSU’s and electronics in a single Fraim stack. It would be interesting to know what others think about the stack order I’m thinking above as well as level spacing utilising the different leg heights available with Fraim levels.

If you get a Rega deck then their wall shelf is probably the best thing to use. If you get an MM cartridge you won’t need a phono stage. You are best avoiding tall legs if you can. How many Fraim levels do you have now?

The Turntable remains optional, it’s a nice to have here, and tbh, given the floor is wood parquet and has a room under it so is quite “springy” then a wall mount shelf would be the ideal setup, may be I just default to sticking to vinyl replay in the basement as the floor is concrete and solid.
So assuming it’s just the 4 black boxes does it make any sense using taller legs between the PSU’s and the amp/streamer or are the standard height legs ok, I’d think so but open to ideas!
Today I have a base and a standard height level with the SN3 on the bottom and the NDX2 on the first shelf, so currently on the top.
I’ll add to that an XPS DR and HiCap DR as next steps.
There’s always the chance further down the line I get crazy again and add a NAP then add a NAC and move the NAIT to another room, which is what I’ve done in the past, but that’s way down the line, if at all.
Curious how this 4 box setup relates to cable dressing and equipment order. This is partly why I wanted to make two racks and split them apart a bit, hence this question.

If I had those four boxes I’d have NDX, SN, Hicap on the right and then XPS. The SN is powered so separation is less important. You could then try adding a spare shelf beneath the NDX to see if you actually hear a difference. It would also ensure that the Burndy is off the floor.

Thanks for thoughts, gives me some ideas!

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