SNAPS Blowing fuses?. Service near Vancouver BC?


My SNAPS blew a fuse right as I turned it on. I tried a new fuse same thing. Then with nothing connected to the output and pop again.

  1. I assume the fuse blowing with nothing connected is a good hint that this problem is likely the SNAPs itself (i.e. this isnt expected).

Before this problem the system has been working just fine.

  1. Can someone provide me with a good contact to arrange service. I am in Vancouver BC Canada so local or Canadians is prefered. I bought used so I don’t know if any of the local dealers offer service on the vintage items.

Thanks for your help!

Your best bet here is to contact the local Naim distributor. There’s been good positive feedback here re. Plurison’s servicing and repair of Naim kit.


Thank you I contacted the Candian Distributor directly and have a ticket started.


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