Snaps VS Hicap with Nac 32

I currently have a Nac 32 and have read the the 32.5 is pretty much the same with the exception of the 5 pin din to allow you to use a hicap ? My current 32 uses a SNAPS. To me this is a pretty well built power supply with the same transformer that is in my 110.
Can some one please tell me what the benefit of using a hicap ? I know the hicaps have larger PS capacitor. Is there something else byond this ?

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A SNAPS has a single +24V DC output, via a 4 pin DIN.

The HiCap has a larger transformer and has two +24V DC outputs via a 5 pin DIN.

The 32-5, 42-5, 62, 72, 82 and 102 (and the 202 and 282) all use both of the HiCap’s two 24V DC outputs. Believe the split is between the low level (phono) circuits and the high level (line) circuits…?

Bigger, cleaner power supply = better… :grinning: